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Advice on Baby Eczema

Hiya Ladies,

My baby is 6 weeks old and has baby eczema. I found this out after extensive google searches and a trip to the doctors (which was a really pointless trip!) where he gave me some oil for his bath.

I read the leaflet that came with the oil and it says to make sure it doesn't go in his eyes, or his mouth at all. Now my problem with this is that his eczema so far is just on his face, so how am I supposed to use something like that on his face knowing it's potentially dangerous??

So, I wondered if any of you ladies could offer me some advice on what worked for you and your bubbas that I could buy over the counter, or any natural remedies??

Thank you for any advice given in advance.

Ellie xx


  • hi, im assuming doctors have given an oilatum type oil. generally eczema is easily irritated (i suffer with it) and i have found that the less product the better. obviously u know ur baby and must use your own judgememt and go back to the doctors if needed. however plain olive oil rubbed on the skin is actually better than most products as it has no chemical irritants. bathing in water dries the skin making it tight and itchy so it can be better to bathe your baby less often. also make sure your baby has plenty of fluids (im sure u are!) as dehydrated skin tends to suffer worse...which leads me to the other trigger...central heating! this really can affect eczema too so although it is cold and of course u must keep your baby at an approproate temperature, try and let a little fresh air circulate if possible. hope some of that helps x
  • All of my children have eczema and each oe has resonded to different treatment.

    My first son had aqueous cream from 6weeks and oilatum in bath and ten oilatum cream - still does now at 4 - he was bathed everyday.

    My 2nd son could only be bathed every couple of days and requires oilatum in bath and cream and hydrocortisone on bad parts.

    My little girl also has bad eczema mainly on her neck and face. The oilatum did absolutely nothing for her and so after trying many different ones she is now on Aveeno in bath and aveeno cream. These are on prescripiton and work wonders - also works with my other 2 as well. She also gets worse the more she is bathed - like me her skin dries out with the water. So shge is only bathed every 2 or 3 days unless something else requires (sick from her reflux!)

    As for it going in eyes mouth etc I tend to use a small baby sponge and drain most of the bath water off the sponge and then smooth it over her face to limit the damage. My 2nd son however when not watched like a hawk will drink the bath water with it in it!! He does everything he can to drink it and we have tried everyting we can to stop it.

    Every baby is different and I think you need to try things until you find what works for your little one - good luck hope you get it sorted
  • Hi, My girl came out with eczema at 4 months and after trying several different creams the best one we have found is doublebase which you can get from the doctors but also buy in tesco. She also had a bath oil, which i cant remember the name of... it is in a green bottle from the doctor which helped. It all seems to have gone now just after 18 months
  • My 4yr old suffered with eczema on his arms and legs and drs gave me many greasy oil type creams, none of which worked. Then someone recommend dream cream from Lush which you can also get in a paste form to use as soap and this cleared it up in no time and all natural ingredients - though I wouldn't recommend eating them!! My 11wk old baby girl had really dry skin on her face and was covered in milk spots that were really rough to touch and the Dr prescribed her doublebase gel which cleared it up straight away and her face is lovely and smooth now.
  • My baby had the same problem, the doc spotted it at her 6 week check, I thought it was baby acne! The doc gave us some Aveeno cream and it went within two days x
  • I have suffered a serious eczame for 3 weeks, and I'm really be mad about it, it is so itchy that I can't sleep well at night. After using foderma serum for 3 days, I feel much more better. It is almost not itchy at all, though 3 days are not enough to remove all the eczame, but I think it will be recovered in 1 week.

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