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bad nappy rash!!

hello all,

My 6 month old son has had severe diarrhea the last couple of days and now has the worst nappy rash image Every time i try to clean him he screams and flinches, its awful.

I am now cleaning him with cotton wool and warm water and changing his nappies more frequently. Am also trying to leave him with no nappy on for a while when i change him to dry him out.

I am using metanium as a friend of mine swears by it but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

Anyone have any good remedies for nappy rash? I have heard cornflour is meant to be good but dont know how to apply and whether or not its just an old wives tale!

Any experienced mummys out there, your help would be much appreciated!


  • Drapolene Antiseptic Cream is just amazing, put it on once and it goes away within a day. My cousin who is a nursery nurse in the baby room says it is the only thing worth using. I have only ever had to use it one application at a time, then it goes away! you can get it from boots for about 6.50 for a large tub, you will never have to buy another one!

  • thank you so much! i am going to get some first thing tomorrow! cant bare to see him in this pain!
  • Metanium is also AMAZING! Was the only thing that worked for both of mine when they were smaller. Most supermarkets sell it now.

  • My boy has also had bad diarrhea which gave him nappy rash, i used sudocrem on him, which worked amazingly well.

  • When mine have had it badly I've always found that nappy-free time is best. Poor Charlie had it so badly when he got bronchilitis that he lay face down in his hospital bed with a gas mask blowing air on his bottom. It was so blistered. That is definitely a photo I'm saving for the first girlfriend. :lol:

    There isn't a definite answer. Our berlin doctors recommended a heavy zinc cream, our English doctors Sudacrem, our nurses, Metanium. Eventually one of our favourite nurses got him a special prescription for a honey-based cream called Medihoney. She was working on one of the skin-based wards at Great Ormond Street before moving to our Endocrine ward so she knew what she was talking about. It is a really smooth and light cream, which I liked because I hated smearing heavy things on him when he was so sore.

    H x
  • Hi

    I thought my premmie had nappy rash and got the doc to take a look on a routine app . Turned out to be thrush( which app can look like nappy rash) and got a cream cleared upwithin 24 hours x
  • A few things worked for us;

    no-nappy time




    I also found that using Johnson's baby wipes gave him bad nappy rash, as did teething - used teething granules which helped to settle his tummy and reduce the rash.

    I also found that checking his diet and cutting out anything acidic for a couple of days helped, as did watering down any juice or giving him milk instead.

    Due to the cold weather recently he's developed chapped skin on his face and been using a baby bottom cream from Waitrose which has helped enormously, and I have been known to use this on his bum when he's bad.

    If baby is really sore, I used to put the cream on his nappy rather than his skin to avoid touching the area and making it worse!
  • Hi! Rubbing breast milk on to the sore area worked for me. Also, if it is so bad that the cream isnt soaking in and just sitting on the top, the doctor can prescribed clotrimiazole which works great
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  • I know this is an old post but what I am sure other people who are going through the hell I went through will appreciate this and will be scouring the net for help. For what it's worth I almost ripped the hair from my head when my son was screaming with nappy rash. I felt so helpless and had a major fall out with the doctor over it because he prescribed metanium that was useless. Hubby was helpful and suggested to try a wax salve rather than cream as a girl in the office had the same problem ith her six month old baby girl. She had used one but couldn't remember what it was called. I found a nappy salve from a shop online that had beeswax,coconut oil,cypress oil and sage oil and it was a godsend. Hubby got a big kiss on the cheek and baby was smiling and laughing after a few days using this. I just wish it hadn;t been so expensive but I would pay it again.
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