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Can anybody advise me on this? I'll have a newborn in May and a even by then a non-walking 18 month old, who has a muscular condition which means his muscles tire very easily. We will need a buggy for him for quite a while.

I would like a pushchair that is light as possible but can fit a bucket car seat to it, is suitable from birth, preferably four wheels but its not a deal-breaker, looks quite sleek and easy to fold. A tall order, right?!

So far I've been looking at the Britax B Dual and the P&T Verve, I don't know much about the other P&T's but if anybody can enlighten me on their experience of any tandem pushchairs, what they can do and what they can't, that'd be great!


  • Hi, I have a baby due in may & my son will still be in a buggy so we have decided on the icandy pear which I've sat my son in a is perfect for 2. It also converts into a single if & when u want to use it this way. Why don't you go & have a few demonstrations with some different types, sometimes something you rule out can actually be perfect xx
  • We're in a similar position and looking for something similar. Any recommendations for double pushchairs?

    We are really struggling to choose one. Here's what we're looking at:

    Phil and teds - explorer/dash - don't like them. I bang my knees on the lower seat and I don't like that the lower seat doesn't recline.

    Vibe - not sure about the vibe. Last time we looked there was something hubby didn't like, he can't remember what so possibly still on the cards.

    Verve - a late entry that we like the look of but need to try. Downside is I've found some people who have had their frames warp and got refunds the problems are so bad. Hoping they might resolve now.

    Baby jogger - city select. Loved this for ages but then tried c in the front and very difficult to get up kerbs.

    Icandy - love them both but they seem to have so many bits. Size of the peach blossom seats bother me a bit too as they seem very small and I won't have small boys!

    Britax b dual. Nice but don't want to have to get a different car seat.

    Phil and teds - promenade. This looks great for a new p+t but may be out too late for us. Would also prefer to spend less if we could get away with it as price is on a par with icandy.

    Don't like side by sides and hubby hates the ones that look like a maclaren.

    Prepared to spend a bit if needed as I am planning on child minding so should get reasonable usage out of it. For that reason also needs to be good with 2 toddlers.

    Any comments good or bad would be helpful. As are any comments on what you compromised on when choosing your double, and is the compromise liveable with?


    Posted the above in toddler which has a few comments on my findings so far. Going to go to Oxford tomorrow to try the verve and some of the others again so will let you know what I think of what we see.
  • Thanks Bassci - please let me know what you think of the Verve! I wasn't fond of the City Select, it seemed to look cheap alongside other pushchairs in the same bracket.
  • We liked the verve and got one. It's one of the few that takes up to 20kg in the 2nd seat and was nice enough. It's got a few issues (like not having much space between the seats, angle of the seat when on top isn't amazing - our sons head also goes a fair amount over the top), but it's better than anything else and we've got to the stage where we must make a compromise and happy enough with the verve. The frame problems were first batch ones, the verves have since been unavailable for about 3 months so looks like they've focused on improving and sorting out the problems of the first batch. The one in the shop certainly didn't display any signs that it might develop problems.

    I suppose the Baby Jogger City Select could be cheap but was not something I thought - I liked the style compared to the P+T's of a similar price. I do have the city mini which I love so I know that the BJ's are good quality. For me the City Select was initially a favourite due to the small, compact fold and the seat layout options BUT that seat layout causes issues with weight distribution which makes it very difficult to manoever and it was just too much when pushing.
  • we have the icandy pear for our 18 month gap, if you after reviews, pushchair trader have quite a few doubles reviewed by mums
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