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  • Hey there

    I had my babies at 34 weeks. My boys were in hospital for a week however my daughter spent 9 weeks in NICU after developing NEC and needing 2 ops.

    Thankfully she pulled through and has made a remarkable recovery.

    Developmentally they have done really well. They all walked at 12 months (uncorrected) and their language development has been spot on.

    S x
  • Hi

    Its nice to hear that your prems are now doing so well. Isla is now 5.5 months and still only 11lb and people think she looks like a doll! Socially she is spot on but physically she is behind x
  • It's really good to hear from you all who have been in similar situations Harry was weaned 3 weeks ago and loving his food I'm really enjoying cooking him his first foods he's also got his first 2 teeth which I couldn't believe. He's been a bit poorly over the last few days with a high temperature so had a few sleepless nights I think he is on the mend now though. He's nearly 7 months from birth 5 months corrected.
  • A friend of mine gave birth prematurly. He is 8 months old now and after a few problems, he is doing really well.
  • hi my baby levi-aaron was born at 33 weeks id been on bed rest in and out of hospital for about 5 weeks . id been given the steriod injection a couple of weeks b4 which im thankfull at. i ended up having emergency c section as he had stopped moving for 11 hpours and heart rate started to drop . my bp was 106 and started to too feel unwell . had pre eclampsia or suming. levi aaron was 9 months this week and weighing 16 lb 1  he was 4 lb . he only needed the oxygen into his cot for 48 hours lungs were gud . he did well spent 2 weeks in scbu after being told would be 6 then 3 . was tube fed till the day  b4 we did sleep in so was shocked when they said we could go home was so scaredand he nearly ended up back as he couldnt regulate temp was 33 ! we manged to try and maintain 35 which they still concerned at but we were melting heating on full 3 blankets a sleep suit and knitted cardi and hat mits we were unable to take him out till 6 weeks due to temp .   he is doing well had refluxs still sicky after some meals leaning forward, hernai not so bad . told he has a weakeness in stomach area .also waiting to see dietain about the sickness and possible intolarance . he not a big eater / food or milk . we are having some concerns about his feet so any advice would be gud  hv will see him in a month then mayb back to peadtrtion his development is of a 6/7 month old  . but possibly more with gross motor skills he sits well but can not roll over front to back  or get in to crawl postion .when i hold his hands to stand him up he stands on his toes and they curl under a lot we got to keep eye on this also feet a bit tight to move one more than other . h/v said he may need some physio and possibly boots or splints or it could be he will get on feet sometime infutre i read premmies can have short achillies  other wise known as mild cp also anther thing where no reason they do it and learn to walk on tip toes but with help can be corrected anyone else seen or noticed this  x this is my first baby x

  • Hi guys my little lady was 2lbs 15 and is 11 weeks old now. She was in nice for 3 weeks and scbu for another 4 weeks. It really takes its toll on you visiting and sitting at the hospital everyday without being able to take your baby home. She has been home 4weeks now and I'm not going to lie its been hard work. She has colic an reflux as well as constipation. She seems a little bit more settled at night then before but is still up a lot in the night. She is not growing very quickly and is only 5lbs 10 now...I wondered if any of your babies have had growth spirts or are they all still very tiny? Xxxxxx
  • We had our first baby at the end of february - emergency c-section as I had pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome...was very traumatic to be told that the only way to cure the problem was to deliver our baby...but he was delivered at 31 weeks and is doing well. He is putting on weight slowly and is breathing for himself...we have had to buy him special nappies and clothes!

    Hoping he will be home some...they said he might be able to come home once he reaches a certain weight, can maintain his temp and can feed from me!

    Love to all the mummies who have ealry babies x x

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