Sleep Babbles?!

Ava is coming up for 9 months now. Over the last month she has started babbling in her sleep. She seems ok & is completely zonked when she does it. The only problem is she does it so loud it waking me and Lee up. Even Mia has woke up a few times & she is in the next room. Anyone had the same problem & found a way to stop it? I thought I was bad sleeping with my eyes open. Lol.


  • All my girls have done it, my eldest occasionally shouts in her sleep when she's dreaming or had a bad day.  I noticed they started around 8 mths and after a couple of weeks of babbling while sound asleep started to say mama and dada.  I think its just a way they begin to learn to talk.  Never found a way to stop it though, think we learnt to sleep through it!
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