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Hi All

I hope i have come to the right place. Firstly i am not a mum i am a father and to be grandparent (in february 2011) but this post will hopefully potentially stop a child getting hurt from a dangerous product. I do go on a bit so please bear with me lol sorry a trait i have picked up from the wife!!!

The story is such. My wife and i purchased a product last week for our grandchild to be to add to the collection of stuff we have bought so far. Upon getting the product home my wife noticed a problem she had with the product so contacted the manufacturer on their helpline from the packaging. This product was not unsafe or dangerous however the company agreed with my wifes complaint and agreed to send out a couple of products as a supposed gesture of goodwill. So far so good eh? This morning a package arrived with two products one of which is listed extensively on the internet and on the manufacturers own website as a dangerous and recalled product and one which could be harmful to babies. The product also has a practical parenting and pregnancy magazine award winning sticker on the packaging also from 2009/2010

The product is a NUBY icy bite teething ring item/barcode number 48526 00482

The above product was apparently recalled in 2009 and according to the manufacturers website it only applies to products bought pre july 2009 as according to them the gel was reformulated and is now safe allegedly

My main gripe is that the product which is clearly stated above under the same barcode is still being offered for sale and despite the manufacturer stating that the product is safe how the heck are you supposed to know which is which is it new or old stock?

My wife was put through to the managing director of nuby this afternoon on the phone and she was a very patronising arrogant individual and she stated that she would have no issue with giving one of her own children one of these products as the product is now safe but again how would she know which product is which as the item code is still exactly the same?

My advice is avoid all nuby gel filled products and after the experience with this company and i wonder if anyone else has experienced the same or similar with this company. I know we live in a health a safety mad world these days but at the end of the day these kinds of risks should not be taken by companies with childrens lives for the sake of a few pennies of profit. I really dont know how they sleep at night i really dont

Anyway lets hope that this will be read by someone who has one of these products or considering buying one please heed the warning and dont risk it. Total waste of time contacting the company on their website or by phone as the above explains

I hope also that practical parenting and pregnancy magazine read this also and would maybe consider withdrawing the award also


Paul Hardy aka billybigmac


  • As an addition to the above this is what is on the website regarding this. Incidentally the product is still being sold by tesco and boots as well
    Joseph H. Hakim
    Luv N’ Care, LTD

    For Products Purchased Before July 17th, 2009 Only

    Luv N’ Care, LTD Issues a Nationwide Recall of all Nûby Gel Filled Teethers and certain UPC Codes of Cottontails and Playschool Teethers

    Luv N’ Care, LTD, Monroe, LA, is initiating a nationwide recall of all Nûby Gel Filled Teethers. These products have been found to contain Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus circulans in the gel. These bacteria generally do not cause illness. However, the bacteria can affect children with weakened immune systems, causing stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea, if the teether is punctured and the liquid from the teether is ingested.

    Consumers who have Nûby Gel Filled Teethers and Cottontails and Playschool Teethers with any of the UPC Codes listed below should immediately stop using them, discard them or return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

    The recall includes the following products:

    UPC code Brand Name
    48526-00451 Nûby
    48526-00452 Nûby
    48526-00453 Nûby
    48526-00454 Nûby
    48526-00455 Nûby
    48526-00459 Nûby
    48526-00467 Nûby
    48526-00472 Nûby
    48526-00473 Nûby
    48526-00482 Nûby
    48526-00483 Nûby
    48526-00487 Nûby
    48526-00490 Nûby
    48526-00519 Nûby
    48526-00521 Nûby
    41520-87115 Cottontails
    50428-91511 Playschool
    41520-91660 Cottontails

    The firm voluntarily recalled the products after learning that samples of two lots collected by the Food and Drug Administration were found to contain Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus circulans, respectively in the gel. FDA has been apprised of this action.

    No illnesses have been reported to date.

    Product was distributed through retail outlets nationwide and has been found to be marketed on the internet. The products are packaged in a plastic bubble on a printed card and can be identified by the UPC Codes listed above.

    The company has ceased product and distribution of the products and is notifying its distributors to return the product. Consumers are urged to return the product to the place of purchase for a full refund.

    Consumers with questions may contact the company at 1-800-256-2399 ext. 3106
    between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central time.

    Adverse reactions experienced with the use of this product may be reported to the FDA's MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program either online, by regular mail or by fax.
    · Online:
    · Regular Mail: use postage-paid FDA form 3500 available at:
    Mail to MedWatch 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852-9787
    · Fax: 1-800-FDA-0178
  • Hello lovely mummy and daddy

    My sister inlaw got my baby nuby tooth gel key....alright am new at this stuff I never gave it to him but today I decided to use it as I put in on Milton sterilzer for 20 minutes and felt little uncomfortable like it needs more cleaning so I put it on my steam cleaner with his bottle after 1 hour when I open the steamer cleaner , I saw the gel all over kind melted lol I freaked out wasged the entire stuff again steam clean twice the bottle. Gel is not safe for little babies at all...we are told to throw away formula and breastmilk onces baby left some on bottle wow so....the. why in the world ppl put gel idea....not safe at all....there is no such thing as safe formula gel all lot of no give it to ur babies ladies.....

    Just be safe if something can not be steam clean in my book it is not safe at all....if babies tooth hurt help them with cleqn finger rub their gum play with them destract mother was from village and never used anything but her nipples and hands we all turned out fine....thousands of year ppl been doing great with babies without these rubbish...

    Good luck to all new parents enjoy to maxxxxx

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