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FAO anyone who owns a double pushchair!

hi i am currently expecting and my youngest will be 2 1/4 when this ones born, she is only little and isn't a very good walker, so i would love a double pushchair that can also convert to a single for when she does start walking to save me having to buy another pushchair.

i am aware of the bugaboo donkey, icandy peach blossom and icandy pear, phil and teds, baby jogger city select and the britax b-dual. can anyone recommned any others that i have overlooked, i want to be thorough in researching them before i go and look at them in the flesh xxx


  • Hauck do a double which converts to a single so it is worth a look. However, the drawback is that when it's used as a double the toddler has to go in the bottom seat as only the main seat reclines flat for a newborn.

    I have just bought a Britax B-dual and gave it a trial run as a single yesterday (baby is due in 4 weeks). Its a bit taller than my M&P Luna, but no wider. I am happy so far - the main seat is parent or forward facing and the second seat suitable from birth. And you can buy carrycots and use with a car seat if you wish. It feels very sturdy as well. And its more roomy than a P&T for the baby in the bottom seat.
  • I have had the peach loved it seats too small though I though pear to bulky and heavy the dual is horrid its like a giant tank I struggle to get that up the kerb at the moment I have the donkey best money ever spent for my 1 and 3 year old I can push it with my little finger and seat size is Fab I also have the kids it buggyboard for my 4 year old even then its not heavy and love how easy it is to change from mono to duo we will be starting to ttc baby number 6 shortly and will be glad I can have both children facing me one thing about tandems is the child underneath doesn't really have the vest view neither do you of them
  • Don't think there are any more to add to your list apart from the mamas and papas skate if you can live with its limitations. Pushchair trader have some good lists, reviews and comparison trials.

    We have the p+t verve which is great. folds with the 2nd seat on, handle bar comes further back so I don't bang my knees which I do with the others from them. 2nd seat also reclines when in the lower position.

    The bjcs looks brilliant but is a mare to get up kerbs with a toddler in the front (my preferred way so toddler can hop out when wanted). I'm talking put my foot on the back axle for leverage and push down well on the handle bar.

    Loved the look of the iCandy too but seat was really small for my near on3 yr old. So just not practical.
  • I was very fond of the Peach Blossom actually - I didn't find it's seat sizes a problem with my girls, but it was impractical for me to buy one when I had the apple. Remember each child grows differently so if it's the best for you, you can make it work. Also I'm not 100% on the ammendments to the next generation peach but I'm sure I've read that the space between lower and upper seats is increasing - might be worth a look in when the time comes.

    We have the iCandy Pear for my girls - I upgraded from the Apple which was the basis of my decision making really... unsurprisingly lol. I'd agree that the Pear is bigger in comparison to say, the Peach, but in no way would I consider it "bulky". It's a great tandem image Never had a problem getting it through doors. It's perhaps a heavier model, but then that suits the design and intention of the Pear. We chose the Apple initially because we were advised it was the best for country walks, out on the beach, and basically suited the outdoorsy lifestyle if we wanted. Anyways, once you're used to it you don't notice any weight difference. I remember my first car was non power steering, and it was only percieved as "heavy" only to those you weren't used to it. I can push the Pear round like it's no one's business image

    Thumbs up from me.
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