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Sling recommendations?


I'm currently 21 weeks with my second baby. DD was a very clingy baby so I want to be prepared this time and get a sling so if baby won't be put down I can have my hands free to do other things!

Does anyone have a sling they would recommend? Or wouldn't buy again? There are so many but so far I quite like the look of the Kari Me.

I would like one with a breast feeding postion.



  • I got a caboo which I love.ds2 has reflux so easiest way to keep him upright for long periods while I do things. He is small too and this one works really well.
  • I bought a babasling when i had my baby... Next time i'll get something else. I found it too bulky, sat badly and baby wasn't comfortable and I felt she wasn't secure!
  • Not sure if it helps but my local sure start hire them out for ??5 for as long as you need it. Its just like a really long piece of material that you wrap around youself with baby either on your front or back and i think their two different ways of wrapping im defo gonna have a go this time round. good luck image
  • Thanks for the replies - MrsPwithpud I didn't like the look of babasling either, it looks like you can't keep baby as close to your body as some others.

    hannahk08, I haven't seen anything like that at my surestart but I will look into it. Sounds good value as ??40 for a long strip of jersey fabric does seem quite excessive! I'm currently favouring the Moby wrap.
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