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When can I change back to normal soap powder?

My wee boy is 6 months now and has never had any skin problems at all. We use non bio fairy soap and softener for his clothes but wondering when we can switch back to regular soap and conditioner??




  • i don't know but i'd be interested in finding out too! My Lo is 7 months old and he's never had any problems, we are still using non bio and it doesnt clean things as well as biological - keep thinking he's getting older now and time to test things. Also, does everyone still sterilise at this age? Going back to work in 7 weeks and could do with knocking some of the more time consuming stuff on the head if it isnt necessary x
  • Just bottles need to be sterilised after 6 months but nothing else as far as I'm aware.

  • My HV told me that you can stop sterilising everything at 6 months. I still do though, but I am neurotic. When she was first born and bf failed I sterilised everything twice - once in solution and once in the steam steriliser!! As for wash powder, I use biological, but I use a fabric softener. My DD suffers from eczema but the doctor said the wash power I use wouldnt make any difference to her skin x
  • I've also used biological since he was born, also non-bio when i've seen special offers. Neither seems to affect his skin. Sterilising, i read somewhere that it's only bottles that need doing until 1 year because milk is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. However, somewhere else i read that all feeding equipment should be sterilised up to 1 year. I've been doing the bowls and spoons, but when i don't sterilise pans, or the blender it seems a bit daft!
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