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Embarrassing babies!!!!

On Sunday my beautiful 7 month old daughter decided to escape during a nappy change and poo all over my parents very expensive rug! I was mortified!! Has anyone else got an embarrassing baby story? Needless to say I will be taking her up to the bathroom to change her in future!! xx


  • My little darling likes to grab my top and try and pull my boobs out. He hasn't been breast fed since he was 10weeks old so I think he is just a booby man! Invested in a lot of high necked tops and dress scarfs!! :lol::lol::lol:

  • my LO had a poo explosion on my parents rug too glitterbug. Used a wet wipe quickly and didnt tell them! ha ha. how are you doing with phoebe's sleeping? we had 3 or 4 good nights, then my OH forgot and lifted LO out of his cot after 25 MINUTES OF CONTROLLED CRYING - angry is not the word! Then we went away for 2 nights and was worried LO was scared as he was somewhere different, now he is poorly and teething so dont feel i can leave him.

    So back to square one.

  • My son had severe reflux so projectile vomited everywhere - at baby groups, in church, M&S food aisle, London zoo aquarium. He also peed on his nurses, his doctors etc. We did have a lovely projectile poo on my parents carpet once and pooed so badly at my grandparents nursing home I actually caught it in my hand as it flowed over the back of his nappy. I think babies and bodily fluids come hand in hand with each other.
  • I am glad I am not the only one who has suffered a poo explosion!! Foofanmummy my dd likes to pull my top down too!

    Alfie we are getting much better nights sleep now thanks, she has actually slept through twice in the last two weeks! In the evenings she goes down brilliantly, she doesn't cry at all now, just moans a little and falls asleep. When/if she does wake I try to get her back off by giving her a dummy and leaving her to settle herself (she moans rather than cries) but there are some nights when she sucks like crazy on her dummy so I know she is either hungry or thirsty so we do give her a small feed and then she settles and goes straight back to sleep. Im back at work next week so knowing I am going to get a few hours solid sleep makes me really happy! The only downside is at the moment I am still waking when I expect her to wake, and cant get back to sleep! However, I am sure when I am back at work I will be so knackered I will have no problem sleeping!! I would have been so cross at my hubby if he had picked the baby up after 25 mins of controlled crying!!! Men are so daft sometimes! x
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