5 week old very windy/colic

hey all im needing a lil advice as im at wits end coping somedays with my lo. thruought the day she refuses to sleep and will just kick her legs tense up and cry, the last couple of days has gotten worse, it take me about 2 hours to settle her properly. i have tried infants friend, infacol, cooled boiled water and just started with gripe water, i burb her regulary through feeds and have even given panadol on occasions, nothing seems to be helping her get rid of tummy pain image ... the last day and a half she hasnt been finishing her bottles and seems to fuss alot with the bottle after having approx 60ml.... please help!!


  • hello,

    i would suggest a trip to the gp for a check up or maybe the HV, have you tried colic remedies? colief or detinox are two you can use, or the gp may suggest reflux remedies,

    its so hard when you have a baby that doesnt settle but it does and will get better!!!
  • Hi

    I feel for you hun Isabelle was terrible for about the first 2 months. I tried all sorts of colic remedies and nothing would work. She did not sleep in the day and would cry pretty much for up to 8 hours a day. Things only seemed to settle down when I started to mix feed between bottle and breast. This might sound strange but have you thought about changing formulas? I am not trying to assume that you are bottle feeding it's just you mentioned bottles in the post.

    It is so hard when you can't get any sleep and I really feel for you all my friends seemed to have babies that they could just put down anywhere and they would sleep.

    Just remember that this is just a phase and it won't last. On a plus side Isabelle now sleeps through for 12 hours and has been since she got over the colic.

    I would maybe just take the little one to see the GP to rule out reflux.

    Good luck

  • My dd was exactly the same. Under 'My other topics' I have written a post about our experience with colic. Have you tried adding colief drops to her milk? The colief improved things dramatically for us. Good luck, colic is the worst thing ever and people who have not had a baby with colic do not always understand. All babies cry, but colic is much worse than that. Private message me if I can help xx
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