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good dribble bibs?

My 7.5 month old little one has dribbled since he was 12 weeks old, constantly! He gets through a bib every hour, i now dry them on the radiator and only wash them at the end of the day or we'd need 100s. They are starting to look grubby and he doesnt have a single photo without a bib on. When we go to pn group, the babies either dont wear one (i could never do this) or they have funky bandana bibs on that look much nicer. I bought 3 dribble ons but they dont last as long as normal bibs - they are soon wet through and he turns his head and wets his shoulders image

have looked on line and have found some very expensive bandana bibs - ??13 each - i dont know how a bib could possibly cost so much, if its amazing though id be prepared to give it a go! Does anyone else have a very dribbley baby and what do you use? xxx


  • have tried dribble ons - was less than impressed, they seem to get soaking quick and ruckle under his chin so the moisture just sits against his skin...they last less time than a regular bib

    looked up skibz - they are shockingly expensive! Have heard from reviews you are paying for the trendy look and they soak through just like any bib image

    also looked at bibbles and bibistuff - they have some ok reviews. Anyone have anything to add?

    I suppose im looking for a miracle product that maybe doesnt exist.x
  • thanks mummies little monkey, have left a message on the wall to possibly order one. You have obviously used them, are they good? Just dont want to keep buying ??5 a time bibs that are all just, essentially a normal bib in a triangle shape! x
  • Funky Giraffe bibs!!!

    They are ??4.50 each, but if you buy 5 it's ??10.50, at least it was last time i got some. Ryan has dribbled constantly since he was about 2 months, and i got sick of seeing him with bibs on, plus we had to double up with a plastic backed one and an absorbant one on top. Funky Giraffe are fleece lined, and although it seems like it should soak through it doesn't. Still have to change them quite regularly as they obviously get wet on top, but i do the same as you and dry them off during the day if i can.

    They have some lovely designs too.

  • thanks tigerlilly. i feel bad as my bubba is always the one with a giant bib on. Im always the one that goes out ill equipt too, i was the only one caught out in the sun with no parasole or sunhat so we had to borrow (and they were all girls, so he wore a brauderie anglaise girls hat, lol) then in the rain i forgot my rain cover - so had to borrow as well. I had a trendy travel system and hate using it so much we go in a cheap push chair! Not winning anything in the style stakes, my poor LO ha ha!

    ive got a mibsbibs,a bibbles and 3 bibistuffs on the way (they only sell in packs of 3) i have spent a fortune on bibs over the months, will have a look at funky giraffe too.

    Why doesnt someone invent a bib that soaks the fluid into it and stays dry on babies skin and against the clothes? With crystals in it like a disposable nappy? Im sure it can be done! But can't find it anywhere x :lol:
  • I'd second the funky giraffe bibs. My little boy is 10 months and has dribbled from being very little. They are brilliant & look better than normal bibs x
  • thanks mummy jk, went on and ordered and couldnt resist buying ten to make a saving! i will own one of every kind on the market so should be well placed to judge the winner lol!

    its cost me a lot but figure he will wear them all - today each bib was wet through after ten mins, and had to dry his top off twice too image

    to think this could go on for a couple of years yet!
  • G/C my daughter didn't dribble much, but for her first Christmas I got a whole load of them just in case. They are the bandana ones, but were extremely cheap and came in a massive pack. I got them off eBay so try looking on there. Let me just quickly look for them... Things like that, where you can get 10 for a reasonable(ish) price and you can pick design ect ect.

    Hope that helps

  • thanks sammyhamuk

    i got my funky giraffe bibs, they are great! I got the bibistuffs and bibbles too. They are all essentially the same but bibistuffs are smaller (a downside with my big boy) and you have to have whatever 3 they pick for you - the 3 ive got wouldnt have been my choice. Funky giraffe are definately the best as they are cheapest and also have the nicest designs - they are lovely!

    my mibsbib is arriving tomorrow so will see how that is

    they are all better than dribble ons - dribbles ons are literally a normal bib in a bandana shape, no fleece backing or anything. I nearly wrote off all dribble bibs as i thought they'd all be like them x
  • got my mibs bibs, its the best one quality wise and it is bigger than all the others - but over all would have to go for funky giraffe, as i bought 10 they were only ??2 each and the designs are lovely. all of them are much of a muchness - all cotton on top of fleece lining, and as you need so many i think i when i need more ill go with funky giraffe, thanks for all your help ladies x
  • Hi Alfie222,

    I am the owner of Mibs and am delighted that you feel they are the best quality you have found. Unfortunately I cannot compete with funky giraffe on price as I handmake them all myself but I really appreciate your positive feedback. Thank you so much for ordering and I hope your little one enjoys his Mib for as long as he is dribbling

  • thanks redbrown, it is the best quality without a doubt and i understand your predicament, i do think ill buy a few more for special occasions but keep the others for dribbleing on at home. he needs a new one every 10 minutes sometimes so i do need so many x

  • Check out lily patch on Facebook. They're hand made too and loads of material to choose from. Not had baby yet but friends use them and say they're great x
  • Please try Dribble Chops on Facebook too, My bibs are 100% cotton so dry quickly after washing and are not soaking when ur little one drools allday x

  • Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Bello Bimbo bibs image

  • I've heard good things about Just 4 Dribbles on facebook x

  • Also check out


    you can choose your fabric and bibs are 3 for £10

  • ibabyuk do 10 muslin squares for just over £7 they're great for wiping dribble and catching sick because they're so soft they don't irritate baby's skin. We use them every day! You can buy from their website:

  • I make a wide range of things including blanket, clothes, shoes and dribble bibs over at

    I charge £4.50 each or 3 for £12 and they are all made in quality designer cotton backed in fleece image

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