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advice for helping lb sleep through the night

My lb is 15 wks old and used to sleep through the night until the 12 wk growth spurt. He wakes 3 times a night for more feeds and Im really struggling with lack of sleep. My MIL suggested baby rice before bed to fill him ip and it does help but he still wakes a couple of times for feeds. Does anyone have any advice or go through something similar? He is currently 21lbs and feeds every 2 hours.


  • Gosh - my little boy isn't 21lbs yet and he's 7 months next week! No wonder he's hungry.

    Sleeping through - Ryan slept through at 8 weeks for about a week, then we had him waking every 2 hours for 2 months! Eventually we moved him into his own room, and he slipped back into once or twice a night, so i think we were disturbing him, or he was too big for his crib.

    Once he got to 6 months i stopped feeding him back to sleep when he woke at night. For the first couple of nights when he woke crying i just held him until he calmed down then settled him back in his cot. Since then he's been sleeping through 12-14 hours most nights.

    I totally understand the lack of sleep. I had a few meltdowns during his 2 hour phase, ended up crying on my health visitor, and at my parents, but it WILL get better. Make sure you get a break, let someone take him away for the afternoon so you can go to bed, i always found a good undisturbed afternoon sleep lasted me a few days of broken nights!

    Hop it gets better soon for you hon.

  • hi pkpeanut

    i feel for you, its hard. I thought i had it made when my LO slept 12 hour nights from 3 months, right through to 4.5 months - and is a breast fed baby too. I thought i was probably sorted apart from the occasional night due to teething or illness...ha ha, naive first time mum that i am!

    At 4.5 months he began waking up once a night but i figured this was normal in the run up to solids. I was chilled about it. It turned into twice a night, then we started solids at 6 months and he went crazy, waking up all the time! I had told myself solids would help but it conicided with him having a brain surge, being into everything and unable to switch off.

    In the end, despite very much not wanting to, my HV brought it home to me that when on 3 meals a day babies do not need calories all night and ive had to do a good bit of controlled crying, but as im back to work in 4 weeks i feel ive got no choice...he is 7.5 months and for the last week has slept through! I do not hold my breath but this is the first time he's got into this pattern since 4.5 months!!

    What im trying to say is its such a long road with babies sleeping, they do different things...its not going to stay 2 hourly, but its exhausting when its like that, i do know how you feel and its tough going. I think if you've got him to a couple of feeds id try and go with it - its better than 2 hourly - i personally felt i couldnt go down the tough love road until he was on 3 meals and i knew for sure it wasnt about eating, just comfort. As things are he may need those feeds. Does he sleep in the day? At one point my LO didnt and barely slept at night - it was rough. I used to take him to my mums so i coould have a nap. Have you rung your HV for advice? Mine have been so helpful and even though its me getting up in the night and trying to interpret his behaviour, they have made me feel like im not alone and guided me as to whats normal, and what needs gentle persuasion to change(!) it has been helpful.

    My bubba was 19lbs 3oz 3 weeks ago at 7 months - he was 8lb 13 oz at birth so not a little man - your bubba must have been a good birth weight! Hope things get better for you soon x
  • Thanks guys. He was 8lb 9 and a quarter when born and has steadily put on the weight. He does nap during the day but not for long periods, no longer than 30 mins. Last night he only woke once at 4.30am for a feed. I'm not sure if I should continue with the baby rice as I was hoping it would help him go back to sleeping through the night but it doesn't so don't really see the need to continue with it. What do you think?

    I have a 2 year old and never experienced this with her, she slept through the night from around 4 months old and was bottled fed as she did not take to the breast and was on the smaller side (she was 5lb 9oz when born and still is a dink now). I just hope it passes soon. Almost been 5 weeks of this.
  • Ryan was 9lb 12oz at birth! He was 17lb 10oz at his last weigh in 2 weeks ago. Like Alfie, i wanted to be sure it wasn't about food before i stopped night feeds, and at 6 months my HV told me he definately didn't need feeding in the night. I think it was more about comfort for long before then though as he's breastfed so it's a nice cuddly feed for him!

    Personally i wouldn't continue with the baby rice, but i didn't start weaning until 5.5 months. Have you spoken to your HV about it?

    We also rarely get daytime naps longer than 30 mins, even during the 2 hour phase. It must be even more exhausting for you with a 2 year old!

  • Yeh I get good days and bad days with them. Stopped baby rice last night and he was the same as when he was on it so the older generation dont always know best (MIL) . I think my lb is teething too. Lots of dribbing, rosy cheeks, unsettled and can't be calmed down image So not fun for him either bless him
  • Teething has a lot to answer for when it comes to waking at night. My doc recommendeds baby neurofen given just at night time when baby is teething. My daughter is 8.5 months old and still wakes up occasionally in the night. I do feed her though. She wakes up sporadically so I know that it isnt habit. I sometimes wonder if she is thirsty so give her a few ounces of milk. I know what the hv's say about baby not needing milk once they are weaned, but she's still a little baby so I cant refuse her x
  • my little boy is just over 8 months and has slept through all of one time. he too as a good sleeper until about 12 weeks and then it went from bad to worse. for us the culprit was teeth though. he got his first 2 at 5 months and then started sleeping well again (ie until 4-5am, then feed, and sleep again till 6.30-7am). this lasted 3 weeks and then he started teething again. at 7.5 months he had 6 teeth out so its been a rocky road. since then hes been doing ok with sleep and weve dropped the night feed (although he usually wakes around 5am for his 'morning' feed and then goes back to sleep). im not sure theres anything you can really do as such, i think they just go at their own pace and will do it eventually.
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