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Pram/travel systems HELP!

Im looking through the mind boggling selection of prams and buggies and figure the cheapest option is a travel system. am i right?  i would like a pram for when its tiny but as they dont stay tiny for long will also need a pushchair.

Can anyone recommend a good, lightweight and folds small travel system? im only 5'2 so nothing too big and bulky! idealy a 3 wheeler too

Thank you image


  • Hi,

    It's not a three wheeler but we went for BugabooBee+ because it's light, compact & can adjust handlebar height. It's compatible with maxi cosi car seat & the main pram base is suitable from birth but in my opinion you would want the cocoon to give a more pram/enclosed feel to it. Once baby is bigger remove cocoon & you can add either a liner to make more comfortable & keep base clean or a footmuff which you can zip top off in warmer weather. It is pricy but you can get deals & I also know people who've bought full sets second hand. Accessories are also pricy but we bought ours on ebay or in sales.

    Happy hunting!


  • Hi there, there's currently £50 off selected 2-in-1 prams and travels systems over at rainbow prams dot com. Just message me for the discount code. It's a complete minefield out there I know the feeling which is why I set this up!  Good luck xx

  • Hi Karla thats brilliant thank you image  i love the Boston and Etno. What brands are they?

  • We have gone for the babystyle oyster package and it folds relatively small and the carrycot that comes with it (if you buy the package is great), we've had this with a britax shr plus carseat, (2 carseat bases one isofix and one belted) cosi toes, black colour pack and got it all for £550 which is a bargain.  This was from a place calle Simplybaby, they have an online shop and if you email them you tend to get a better deal that whatever the website says.

    Good luck x

  • hi dippyrose

    just wanted to offer another viewpoint - we were given a bugaboo chameleon which was very generous of my friend. It was pram/pushchair and initial car seat all in one. However, i realise now if id had to buy one, a travel system shouldnt have been our choice. It was huge in my small car, difficult to lug around, and very hard to use. I spent ages with a crying baby trying to unfold it. In the end we went out and bought a fab pushchair - £110 from babies are us bruin zion i think its called. It is lovely and snuggley, baby can lay flat, upright or anywhere in between (so suitable from newborn) folds tiny and is easy to use and travel with. The bugaboo chamelon costs 8 times as much yet ive abandoned it for the pushchair! we are now in the next size up car seat - but a maxicosi car seat like we had costs £100 ish. so although i lost nothing as was given the car seat, i could have saved £600 for something simpler, easier and more comfy. my lo loves it. If cost is an issue please consider the other options. i can understand wanting the pram element for a tiny newborn but that part lasts no time at all x

  • My friend and I are both set on a Quinny, can't think now what the model is but it's one of the 3 wheelers and they're suitable from newborn xx

  • There are a few options with Quinny. The Zapp Xtra is a small fold, does parent facing and will take a car seat.

    Personally I prefer something that will take a carry cot (as well as the option of using the car seat) so would either go for a Buzz or Moodd. The Moodd is more expensive but easier to move around and has a more upright seat when parent facing. Both have an automatic unfold too which is a breeze compared to the faff of some systems. Both are 3 or 4 wheelers.They are fairly heavy but you can lift the frame and then the seat which makes it pretty easy. I can manage to lift the whole thing in and out of the car pretty easily. I'm not weightlifter as I have ongoing problems with my wrists so should be feasible for most people.

  • Ooh thanks basscl, I think Buzz is the one I liked xx

  • I really like my Graco Symbio. Initially I bought it because the package deal meant that I could get a carrycot, pushchair and carseat for £400. The carrycot was brilliant for when my dd was a tiny baby because it sat in our living room so she could nap in the day. I drive a toyota aygo and the wheels fit in the back behind the drivers seat with out any issues and the pushchair attachment fit in the boot. It is a tiny car but everything fits just fine. I recently had to buy a second pushchair - mama's and papa's pipi - which only cost £50 (reduced from £70) because my hubby went away for the weekend with our travel system in his boot and I needed a pushchair! It is a lovely pushchair, it reclines so she can sleep and you can get a matching foot muff so that it is more comfy, but it doesnt feel as robust as my travel system. The best thing to do would be to go and test some travel systems out. At babies r us they let you practise folding them down to see if you could manage it. The only thing to be aware of is that although it is very handy to have a carseat that attaches to the pram for occasional use, you should avoid using a carseat as your main pushchair because the over use of carseats have been linked to flat head syndromme in babies. I occasionally used my carseat attachment if my dd was asleep and I was just popping into tesco, but when we were going to be out and about for a long time I used the carrycot and then when she was 5 months, the pushchair. Happy shopping!

  • I am buying my baby travel system from online trader can't wait
  • We are students from Strathclyde University doing some research on pram designs and making them safe. If pram users could fill in this 2 minute survey, it would be much appreciated. s/J6SJFTX

  • We are students from Strathclyde University doing Product Design Engineering; we are trying to get some feedback on what design features make a pram safe. If pram users could fill out this 2 minute survey, it would be much appreciated s/J6SJFTX

  • I have the orb travel system from mothercare, i got it on sale at ??300!!!! And it's the bargin of the century for me! It folds down really small, and the carry cot clips off so I can attach the car seat, and the carry cot also turns into a buggy seat (I haven't tried doing that yet)

    The whole pram is very lightweight and slim, and looks gorgeous in the teal colour I have it in! It also comes in crimson and plain black image such a bargin for what it is! Xx
  • Hi

    Some thoughts for you.  We had a Nipper out and about for our twins.  This was brilliant, light, manoeuvrable and took a real beating.  We had a Quinny for our little girl which was nowhere near as good in comparison.  There are a pile of these things on the market at various prices all of which seem very similar.  Quality of construction is key as you want the buggy to last and not to start to wear after a year or so - buying too cheap could result in buying twice!

    Happy Shopping!

  • imageLet me introduce Ethan in his Anex Sport.

  • Hello! As part of a project with the University of Strathclyde I am looking into baby transport for disabled parents. If you have used a pram/buggy/stroller or some other form of transportation for young children whether or not you are a parent with disabilities I would greatly appreciate if you would take a couple of minutes to fill out this short survey:

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