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What age would you let your child go to nursery?

I've often had this discussion with the girls and there are varying opinions. In my case my eldest went to nursery from 3 months part time with regular grandma interaction my second went at 3 months full time and my youngest went when he was approx 8 months old part time. Out of the 3 I have noticed that my youngest is the most confident of all, the other 2 are happy with their own space and very shy when meeting new people. I can't help thinking this may have something to do with the fact they went to nursey too early. If I could do it all again and had the finances to support my decision I think I'd stay at home for the 1st year. If there is anything I could advise new mothers it would be to enjoy every second, they are so precious and you never get them back!


  • I wouldn't! Can't bear the thought of someone looking after him who isn't me or hubby. Both sets of grandparents have had him once but not for long. I just don't want to miss anything, and i don't want someone else bringing him up. He can go to preschool when he's older but for now he's mine!


  • My ds went to nursry at 6 months (3 days a week) and is a very confident happy little boy with lots of friends at nursery. He has no problem meeting new people and his nursery are constantly making sure he is developing and learning the things he should. In my opinion, he gets far more out of nursery educationally that he would stuck with me all day. Im very happy and next lo will be going fro about the same age.

  • my lo is about to start, he will be 8.5 months and is only starting 1 to 2 half days a week, we'll build it up as he gets older depending on how my mum finds having him.

    I originally felt guilty as there is a concensus that the preferable form of childcare is a parent or grandparent in a loving home...however, since seeing the nursery and what an exciting place it is for LO i realise this isnt true. A balance is good for babies - nurseries have been proven to greatly assist in a child's development, and they are fun and exciting places. the staff let them do things a lot of parents wouldnt - eg playing with baked beans and jelly, just for the hell of it! I think it must also be really tiring for children and is obviously not a home environment, a bit of both is probably a good thing. Have to tell myself that he doesnt just exist to be my baby, he's also a grandchild who will have fun with his grandparents and is also a little person who deserves a tiny bit of independence with other children etc. I will still be with him 4 days a week and im sure ill cherish that time with him. i think you make the choices that you have to as well - not everyone has family support, and most women have to work. xx

  • Our LO will start nursery for one & half days from 1 year old & will spend another day & half with Nanny looking after him. In my ideal world I would be with him all the time but I have to work 3 days a week to contribute to our family. I feel priveliged to have had a year off with him as I know so many mum's who don't have this option. I agree wit the opinions that nursery can offer a range of activities for LO and I hope it will help to give him confidence in the world around him. I will certainly be making the most of the next few months I have with him full time image

  • my son went to nursery when he was 4 years old

  • Our little one will be 2 at the end of January. Around 2 months after he was born I went to work but literally for 2-3 hours for 1 day a week. Since he was 1 I have worked 2 days a week and he has been looked after by his Nan 1 day and his great Nan the other day. The day he is with his great Nan I only work until 3pm. We go to mothers and toddlers every week. We will start looking at our local nurseries in the new year. We are extremely lucky that I got a year with him and have only worked 2 days a week for his 2nd year. We decided to wait until he could talk more before going to nursery so that if there was anything he didn't like or if something happened - he can tell us. He has 2 friends that have been attending nursery since 6 months and 1 year and he is by far the happiest of them. I suppose it depends on the quality of the nursery and how much you interact with your child as a parent. I try to make sure that he gets a good balance of everything. I'm sure there is no right or wrong, it depends on your circumstances but I can confidently say that by being with me - my little one is no worse off. The 2 people that have their children in nursery actually comment in a positive way -on our little man's behaviour and development compared to their own. We have another baby due at then end of May so if little man goes to nursery in the new year then that will help me out. and if we are able to do it then I would love to spend a year with our next one as well.

  • Nusery is one of the best place for the kids to meet many of kids and learn lots of new things. According to me 3 years is the best age of your child to start nusery.

  • My first LO went at 1 year old and my second will go at 11 months. Both 3 days a week. My eldest is really good at eating and sharing...much better than her friends who don't go to nursery so I'm all for it. We make sure we lots of activities together on our 'mummy and girlie' days.
  • My ds went to nursery when he was 10 months old for 2 and a half days a weekwhich my hubby and mil were dead set against. I have to say he has come on leaps and bound and as much as I love my little monkey I like having time away with adult conversation, maintaining my work skills and earning a few pennies at the end of each month. I feel its the best of both worlds for us xx

    My hubby and mil both agree it was for the best and I'm hiring to put next baby in to nursery at about the same age xx
  •  Ds didn't go to preschool, he went to nursery for about a month (2 half days a week) before he started school, and I can honestly say, I would not do that with the second. He will be going to nursery long before ds did, because he had such a hard time settling in, making friends, learning etc.

    He is OK now (he started last September) but you could tell a mile off the children that hadn't been to nursery, and the mums I spoke to said the same thing..If they could go back they would send them.

    It's not just about having time away, it's about them being in that sort of environment, nursery/pre-school will set them up for starting school, and while play groups are all well and good, they aren't the same thing at all.

  • My 3 children are very lucky as I was a Nanny and my babies went to work with me!! Then I became a childminder at home so only I needed to look after them. Grandparents do babysitting which is lovely:) My 3 all started playgroup where they were left at 2yrs 9 months but only 3 hrs 3times per week as its important learning to socially interact, share and learn through playing with others. Very important for the transition to school at 4 yrs old too.At 3 1/2 yrs they all moved on to Nursery attached to the school that I would be applying for. Very beneficial as the nursery slowly gets them interacting within the main school. As a result I have 3 very well balanced children that have all coped with transitions from nursery to school with confidence:) Thank goodness!!  My 4 yr old ( my youngest) really cried at playgroup which broke my heart but within 15 mins of leaving the leader would ring me and tell me he was settled and playing. Nursery went in no problems as his siblings were their and would occasionally cross paths with them in main school which they loved!! He has managed his first 1/2 term at big school and looking forward to going back 2mrw which is a good sign!! 

    I only used a playgroup that was highly recommended and had a long waiting list which is a very good sign! I visited several times as if there's nothing to hide they should allow you to drop in whenever?! Seeing how relaxed the children were with the adults was important and the fact they still gave the little ones that were sad a cuddle or a little kiss on the hand if they were hurt:) So sad that adults can't cuddle a child or touch them anymore. 

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