Help! My baby is having tantrums at 11 months, is this normal? Any advice?


 Need a bit of advice. My baby has always been a fairly calm and easy baby but more and more lately he seems to be losing his temper and having tantrums and its getting to the point where most things are difficult and end up in him screaming and having a tantrum.

When I feed him he spits his food out, when i change him he is trying to put his fingers in his nappy or crawl off, getting him dressed and undressed seems to end in him screaming. I tryto distract him but it doesnt work, im trying to keep calm and not shout but its difficult.

I didnt think tantrums and this sort of behaviour started this early! He is my first child so maybe i am overreactign a bit but its exhausting and the behaviour worries me image

Any advice?


  • very very normal! I worked in a nursery and my 9 month old (7 months corrected) has tantrums! ok so she cant throw herself down but if stuffing her mouth with a biscuit, loads in there and I take the biscuit away and tell her to finish what is in her mouth first...o.m.g. the head gets thrown back, arms in the air and a DEATHLY SCREAM OF DRAMA TANTRUM!!!!!!!!1111eleventy!
    pick her up if she is watching something on tv and she goes like the hulk!!!

     He is learning who he is, he is learning to express himself. He doesnt want to have his nappy changed, he doesnt want to get pulled about to get dressed dammit mummy stop bothering me and let me be he thinks!

    So...let him help you get himself dressed. Ask him to hold his wipes for you. tell him "its time for a nappy change, would you like to help mummy by getting your nappy and wipes out" him, show him, guide him. "hold the wipes for mummy while she cleans you"..."now goes on the nappy"...
    Ask him to help you to help him get dressed again...getting dressed and undressed the same sorta thing. and remain calm. basically IGNORE the screaming and speak calmly. always a warning to something about to happen.
    "its time to get undressed and have a bath"...."in 2 minutes its time to get out of the bath" on and so forth.

     He will be fine. he is also probably frustrated that he cant talk to you yet! (not in a very very clear way). have you considered baby sign language to help him to talk to you better?


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