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Hi, My little man is 11 weeks old and I've very inconveniently given him my cold. I've got some calpol but it's says do not exceed 2 doses. It might be a stupid question but in what time period? 24 hours? before seeing a doctor? Ever??


  • I am sure it is just two doses in 24 hours. I took my daughter to the doctor for a cold when she was little and they just check their breathing and tend to tell you to give calpol to reduce a temperature and use things like snufflebabe to help them breathe. That being said, it is always worth seeking medical advice over the slightest worry with a baby. I do not regret a single time the doctor has looked at me like I am an over protective mum and said 'its just a cold', because on one occasion it was actually a bacterial throat infection that needed antibiotics. If I were you I would take him anyway xx

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