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Cleaning baby's teeth

Phoebe now has ten teeth - all eight at front, four on the bottom and four on the top, and two molars. (Although the molars have just broken the skin and are not fully through yet.) We started brushing her teeth with a proper baby toothbrush when she cut the first two at 16 weeks, but she has become very reluctant recently. So, how do you get a ten month old to allow you to brush her teeth? Im told, in comparison to other babies, she has cut them fairly early and very quickly, so I wonder if her mouth may be sore and that is why she is refusing? However, I am worried that if we dont brush them her teeth may get damaged. All ideas and suggestions welcome!!


  • try getting her a toothbrush just for her, she has a go and then mummy has a go. works with my boys, although take turns with one toothbrush now. unfortunatly we do have to pin them down occassionally! Make it into a game, we have who can say ahhhh the loudest lol! one brushing session missed won't be the end of the world, but you don't want to miss too many! good luck

  • Don't worry too much, let her hold the brush and play around with it, after a while finish off the brushing and your done. It's important for her to have some responsibilty and time with the brush that invades her mouth! That way she doesn't build a fear and get to enjoy it as she can do it on her own! xx

  • ah glitterbug my lo is 9 months old and still has none! Ive given up looking, can't believe she has 10!! No advice to give im afraid but am interested in the answers. We have our toothbrush in ready, if he ever needs it. lol x

  • Thank you everyone, she has been more recepetive today so I think it may have been because her mouth was sore. I tried the 'mummy brush, now Phoebe brush' and she just refused completely! She has gone back to holding and chewing the tooth brush so perhaps she was just being a monkey. Alfie, I cant believe she has ten teeth either! It has been none stop for the past 6 months! xx

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