Why all the old threads?

Why do so many old threads keep popping up?  It has been getting worse and worse and now one started by a mummy who sadly passed away is now on here.  Is there some way of stopping this?


  • I thought that too! Old threads i am on have popped up and when that thread popped up my heart skipped a beat. I have been on here nearly 4yrs. Not liking the new changes. Xxx
  • I know exactly what you mean, and it's very annoying!!!

    Old threads seemed to start cropping up just after the changes to the website were made, so at first I though it may have been some kind of technical issue. However if you look at the people who have been "bumping" the threads, they are always new members who have never made any other posts. It could just be a whole load of new members have a nose around at old threads, but the cynic in me thinks its Baby Expert people trying to generate interest in forums again. V. Sneaky!!!

    Maybe I'm jumping to the wrong conclusion - can BE advise otherwise???

  • G/c I noticed a lot all over the forum, then the one you were talking of our beautiful em (Dylan's mummy) wrote, cant understand why be would do this if it's them?!
  • I just don't understand why they are coming up. Not only DylansMummy's post but other old posts that are answered quite seriously. If there was a search option for a topic it would make sense. But there isn't image
  • It's certainly odd - nimmy82 I know what you mean about the posts being answered seriously. Also its odd that someone would post wuite a detailed response on one topic, but that is their only activity / posting on the forum since joining image

    There certainly seems to be less actiivty on the forums since all of the changes too image

  • Hi blondefriend and Newtothis. Just to reassure you that it isn't Babyexpert who is revisiting old posts to try and generate some interest. We have been generating lots of new users since our migration and I think it might be them using the enhanced search function, which calls up old threads. So rest assured, activity on the site as a whole, and on the forums in particular, is better since all the changes in April. Thanks for your concern, Web Ed

  • baby expert - the answers just dont make sense - they are not asking awuestion but answering so why would they search for something that they dont need the answer for.  I suspect something fishy ..... please stop.  I remember Dylans mymmys post reall well, it was pnly 2 months before she died x

  • I agree. Something just doesnt add up as the responses that are being posted by the "new members" seem to be giving detailed answers, rather than asking questions. Sometimes the old threads are just being bumped by new members without and comments, which then puts the thread at the top of the forum

    Also why are some the threads being viewed 3000+ times - surely this is some kind of fault as i cant see how there would be that many views but only a few responses.


  • I agree with all above. And thanks for not acknowledging Me! so close to leaving this chat room once and for all. Such a shame when i had Ds2 it was amazing so busy and supportive. Its sick quiet now image
  • Any of these threads can be viewed publicly on google so perhaps people are coming across them and not looking at the dates before commenting. There should be a block on writing on posts that are 6+ months old. Would save a lot of frustration and confusion.

    I too find this site isn't as good as it was with all the changes. Pregnancy, TTC and the Due In...forums are all very quiet. It was never like that when I was on here a lot in 2010. Shame as it is one of the easiest chat sites to use. x
  • Sadly as BE explained, you do a random search for a particular topic & it will bring up all related posts regardless of their age.  Sometimes people don't notice the original dates & sometimes there are new questions/replies added to the threads because people may think they have been missed (or they are unsure how to start their own new threads).

    I agree it is a shame that memories are brought to the surface by some older threads & perhaps BE could introduce a 'locked thread' stage after nobody posts upon it after several weeks/months, which would allow you to read it still but no longer comment.

  • Well I'll be logging off this site, as sadly I don't believe BE's explanation for the old threads. I know that you can do a search and it will bring up old threads, I just find it extremely odd that of the 10 "busiest" threads on the navigation bar, 7 of these are old threads. To me this says that the site is not getting the activity it used to, and BE is bumping these threads to generate more interest.

    I have my notifications set to email me when any of the threads I am following are commented on, yet since I started questioning the strange activity with the old threads, my notifications have stopped - to me that speaks volumes.

     I found this site a great support when I had my first baby, but I'm calling it a day now as I think BE are not being honest.

     NTT xx

  • Hi Newtothis. Really sorry to read your comments above, and feel we have to set the record straight. There is absolutely no hidden agenda, no conspiracy theory, no bumping threads and no dishonesty against any members on BE. We simply wouldn't operate like that. It's exactly as wildthingv8 and KazzieM have explained. And nimmy82, sorry for not including you in our original response, we were responding to users who had posted direct Qs - no offence was intended. We would be very sorry to lose any of you from the BE forums, it's definitely our lovely members who help make the supportive, helpful and friendly community that still exists here. Web Ed

  • Apology accepted. However i too am logging off. When i joined nearly 4yrs ago this was an amazing forum and so busy. If you didn't log in for a day you would misses much. Then security changes over a year ago scared a lot of people off including my tight nit born in Sept 09 forum. A new forum was set up and people escaped to fb. It has never been the same since. Then the recent changes and problems with the edit putting etc have put more people off. I am also logging off. I Will check into due in nov12 until the last ba, but time Has come to move on. Sorry image
  • I'm actually beginning to question the whole thing too now. There is far far too many old threads being dragged up. Getting fed up of clicking on something only to find its from 2006!!!

    I can't remember this happening before. No wonder people aren't posting now - they too are fed up of all these old threads. Too many for it just to be a coincidence.
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