Christening outfit for 1 year old boy - help please!

Hello. My little boy is due to be christened on his first birthday, but i'm struggling to find him an outfit! I don't want a gown, or romper that some of the christening places show for boys, but i don't want a suit either.

What I'm after is a nice light coloured comfy pair of trousers and shirt that is kind of smart/casual, but i can't find anything! Plus all the shops tend to have loads of girl stuff and hardly any boys, it's very annoying!

Can anyone recommend a good place to look??

Thanks! xxx


  • Next are good. Ds1 had a little brown suit. Looking back at 4m it was a little grown up and he wasn't in it long. Ds2 was in a 3 piece also front next. It was a light beige trousers shirt and waistcoat set. He was 7m. Also seen tank top sets in matalan which can very cute. image good luck boys are hard. I Will be looking for another boys christening outfit at the end of the year. Xxx
  • monsoon are good for little boys formal wear. you can get the full suit get up or just part of it. my 10 month old had shirt tie trousers and waistcoat for a wedding. nothing stopping you just getting smart shirt trousers and a tie if thats what you want (the ties are adorable). We still havent got our LO christened, was always part of the plan but we never got round to it. he may well be 18 months or so and am a bit sad he wont have the cute little gown - i guess we will go for a suit x

  • Hi, I got a Little Darlings Sailor suit from ebay, its ardorable and both my boys wore it at around 10 months old for their christening, heres a link, it usually high end so you could either splurge or like me see if you can grab a bargain

    everyone commented on how gorgeous they looked and its a little more special then chinos and a tank-top image


  • BTW I love the idea of you getting your little one christened on his first birthday that makes the occasion really special x

  • Thanks guys!

    Nimmy82 - wow, 3 boys - you're gonna have your hands full! Can't see anything I like in Next, but didn't think of matalan so will try there next.

    Alfie - I've looked at Monsoon, but i don't want a suit - he wore one at xmas and i just felt it made him look too grown up, and i want him to look all innocent and babyish!

    Donna - that is a cute outfit, won't be paying that much though! Will check out ebay

  • It's definitely harder shopping for boys over girls but try Next, Matalan, Debenhams, George at Asda, H&M or M&S.  Have found a variety of smart/casual clothing there for nephews & nieces as well as my girls that have been worn for christenings/weddings.  Other than that try ebay (my sister got my nephews light gold shirt & white trousers on there)

  • We've recently had our 'large' 10month baby boy christened and had difficulty finding him anything suitable to wear. The choice in the shops and online was limited. I couldnt see any point in spending ??100+ on a silky flouncy romper that would get worn for an hour max and never be worn again. So on a day out to Hawkshead we tripped upon the Peter Rabbit Shop and found a great trouser and shirt set for him. We're really pleased as the outfit didnt cost the earth and its of good quality. Definately try the Peter Rabbit clothing range, lots of people commented on how cute he was in it.

    Good luck and enjoy the day.
  • I'd recommend making a cup of tea and browsing the net xx

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