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Hello! We are starting to look at the next stage car seats as my boy is starting to get grouchy and uncomfortable in his baby one now. There's just too much choice though! We want a Group 1 (9months-4years). Can anyone recommend any? Or have any they really wouldn't recommend!!



  • Hi Tigerlily,

    We're undecided on this one but are considering a rear facing car seat after reading a bit about how safe they are supposed to be, however the final decision on that will depend upon what new car we get. It might be worth looking at Which? recommendations?

    Good luck


  • When my son was a year old I got him the maxi cosi priori xp, because of the good reviews. Like the other poster said, I subscribed to which? online thiink it was only a pound for a month. When my daughter is older i'll be getting the same seat for her too image I did look into the one that doesn't have straps just a cushioned bar thing, I liked tge idea but as its fairly new I felt any potential problems may not have yet arisen so its not for us. X
  • Hi Tigerlilly

    We have the Maxi-cosi Tobi seat for Samantha at present, great as a 5 point harness, downside madam has started pulling her arms out of the straps.

    As such for Hannah we are looking at 5 point harness seats but most likely an alternative model/brand that adjusts/fastens differently & hopefully will be more difficult to manoeuvre arms free from.

  • Well mummy has now re-taught herself how to adjust the maxi-cosi tobi seat & it's actually a damn good car seat.  We are going to get exactly the same for Hannah.

    It is higher up than most which gives them a better view of you & the world passing by, it is easily adjusted (once you know how), has 5 recline positions for sleeping comfort & the straps spring apart for easier in & out of the seat.  People joke it is the 'royal throne'image-91

  • That's not 91winks but a young lady trying to help, sigh.  Time to sort out dinner.

  • We have both the Maxi Cose Piori which cost £120 and a cheaper one (cant remember the brand) from mothercare (£60 reduced to £30 in the sale). The maxicosi is much more cushioned and is clearly a better car seat, but the cheaper one reclines really well and dd seems to prefer it. Both of them have the british safety approval rating because I checked before we bought. We use the maxicosi one for most journeys and the cheaper one is just for the occasional journeys. xx

  • we went for britax over maxi cosi as the maxi cosi ones are handwash only. i know this cause my friend gave me her old maxi cosi one and we tried washing the covers (it was in a disgusting state after getting 3 children through to 4 years old). the seams were only glued, not stitched and it came apart. this seems crazy to me as they get food spillages sick dribble nappy explosions etc in them over the time they're used!

    i dont know which one it is but it comes with a distinctive green cushioned seat and he is so secure and comfy. he hated the newborn one as he was a bit boy and we had to move him at 5 months. he loves sitting forwards and looking out the window. x

  • If you have a high car, like I do, getting a two stone toddler in and out is a massive effort. We have the maxi cosi axiss which spins around so baby is facing out when strapping them in. Best thing we ever bought! x
  • i would have liked that too judith charmers but my husband decided it was too pricey. I do long for that feature when im lugging him in and out though! x

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