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I would feel proud that I am a mother of a pretty daughter, Gayatri. However, before marriage I had many doubts and tensions of getting married and having children. There were many financial and health problems for me. Doctors could not solve my emotional problems and my health was completely dependent upon my emotions. I searched on google in the search of something spiritual so that I may get peace with love and satisfaction. I had heard about many Feng Shui and Tarot card readers, however, since I wanted a complete wedding consultation, I came across a website in 2010. I wanted to know about everything that I could do for a happy married life and then have a properous and non-struggling life.

Later, I also wanted to go according to many aspects of naming my baby girl so that she may have a better future in her life too. I wanted to be happy without any troubles since I knew that anything that is spiritual and powerful can bring that grace upon me.

Finally, I had a phone consultation with Mrs. Manisha Koushik on her website. That was the first time that I got some courage to proceed further and got a major and clear idea about how to proceed about my marriage. Soon, I got married with the help of her powerful consultation and then I had a healthy baby girl.

I recently consulted Mrs. Manisha, the world famous Feng Shui and Tarot card reader of India to get the right name for my baby girl. I always wanted my baby to be happy in her life so that she won't have any adverse effect of any negative powers in her life. Since Mrs. Manisha Koushik suggested an accurate name for my daughter, I would suggest all the moms to be wise enough to consult Mrs. Manisha for the same.

You can start your consultation even before you are married and even if it is quite late, you can change all your worst situations into good ones.I have experienced that very well in my life. image

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