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professional bump photo shoot ideas

Photo shoot is booked for 2nd Oct when i am 36+2. I had leaflet from my local photographic studio last week with a bump pic offer as well as newborn pics. All for free except paying for photos of course! Always fancied doing a bump shot. Although not naked lol. This is my last pg and although not enjoying it and it is not going smoothly i want to remember it. Anyone had a bump photo shoot? How did you pose? What was it like? I need ideas. So far photographer has asked i take Hubbys white shirt, white pants and white loose bottoms. EEEK lol! :-P


  • I had a naked bump shoot and loved it, so liberating!

    I did a few stood up side photo poses. Did a few with hubby stood with him cuddling behind, face to face and one with him kissing bump.

    We did a few kneeling holding a pink (baby girl) gerbera flower.

    Did some laying down with flower on bump and booties on bump.

    Did some with a tape measure round my bump, making a heart shape with our hands on bump. Some with my scan picture resting on bump.

    Some with hubby stretching touching bump and my hands on his.

    You said this was your last what about your other children dress up....fairy outfit works well and kiss and cuddle bump while looking at you etc

    Hope this helps!

  • Lol...just seen by your tickets you have all boys! Maybe not a fairy outfit then! Lol something smart would be good.

    And exchange the flower on bump for a blue car or blue bunny teddy perhaps.

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