Help, not sure??

Hi, I have a 7 month old and he woke last night feeling very hot! I stripped him off and left him till the morning then took his temp, it was 38.1 degrees centigrade. I gave him some calpol and his temp went down slightly but he has felt really warm throughout the day. Since midday he has been really drowsy and in the space of 3 hours he has had 4 sleeps. He is usally quiet an active baby but has just wanted to sit with me most of the day and all the time since midday. I took his temp again this afternoon and it was 38.6 so gave calpol and took his temp about 45 mins later and has risen to 38.8. and also in the last hour has has developed red spots on his tummy, arms and legs. I dont no if I am worrying over nothing, Info will be help, thanks xx


  • Hi couldn't R & R,

    Hope you and your little one is feeling better now.

    What are his spots like? If they are reddish small bumps they can be heat spots as my little one gets these.

    It sounds like he has a virus and giving him calpol will help with the temp.

    If you are worried or his symptons get worse though I would call the drs as soon as you can.

    SB x


  • call NHS Direct on 0845 4647 and talk it through with them on the phone, they are medical experts and will give you the best advice. Don't worry about calling them for nothing, it's better to get nothing checked 20 times than to miss something. Hope all is well xx

  • i;ve always been told not to worry unless a temperature hits 40, but agree with babyfox nhs direct are usually very helpful and in my area you are usually quickly passed to a nurse or doctor if its a child who is ill x

  • Take him to the doctors. Even if you are told the classic 'its just a virus' line it will make you feel reasured that everything is okay. Babies can get poorly very quickly, it is always better to be safe than sorry x

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