My 8 month old baby waking up at night

Hi ladies , my baby he's 8 month old and was sick couple of weeks ago with the croup and he's already got a mild exzema and he's always itchy ,so since then he started waking up at night ( every 2hrs) very itchy and crying and he won't go back to sleep without giving him a bottle (dosent take a dummy) otherwise hell cry acry and cry so what should I do to make him sleep through the night again please help. PS: we sleep in the same room withy other 2yrs old daughter, only have1 bedroom.


  • Hi Zara, sorry to hear LO has been unwell.

    Largely a good nights sleep relies on being as comfortable as possible.  Ensure LO has a clean bottom, clothing/bedding is loose & not irritating skin nor making too hot/cold.  If LO is itchy you could try massaging LO with some cream such as E45 or Sudocrem as part of bedtime routine which should help soothe itchiness.

    Another tip is with the bottle contents - milk is fine before bed but should be replaced with water overnight to avoid an expectance of 'feeding' overnight.  If it is thirst they are waking for they will drink, if it is comfort they will suckle without filling up.

    Best wishes

  • Hi Zara, my son has similar, best tip to help with itching throughout the night? Get a damp piece of cotton and wrap around the areas in question or even plaster, this cools and relieves the irritation. Hope it helps x

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