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Hi there, I've never posted on here but I really need some advice from you ladies.  My son is now 10 weeks old, at his 6-8 week check when asked about the devlopment of his eyes I mentioned that he didnt seem to be focusing on faces or fixing and following any people or objects.  The GP reffered us to see a consultant at the eye clinic.  We went this morning where a lot of tests where ran with the conclusion that DS is not at the normal stage babies his age should be even factoring in his slight prematurity (he was 2 weeks prem) The consultant said that his actual eyes seem healthy as in the nerves etc. are in tact which leads him to think it could be a problem with his brain.  He now has to have an ERG and a VEP to rule out any brain conditions and then look at wether its DVM.  I was wondering if there was anyone that has been through or is going through this (there is a thread from 2008 but id like something more up to date if I could) He had to be ressuciated at birth and the consultant said it could have factored into the problems.  Hearing that my perfect baby who has had a difficult birth, a terrible experience in hospital and problems with his skin and feeding ever since, could have something wrong with his brain has quite frankly filled me with dread, I really don't know what to do so if I could hear someone elses experiences that would be great.  Thank you.




  • Hi, my 9 week old son has all the symptoms of dvm and Ive been trying to see if I can also find feedback from mom's who were given this diagnosis at around 2 months and what happened in the end ie after 6 months.

    Can anyone help please?


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