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12 week old baby girl getting rid of dummy please help!

Hi im a first time mum, my baby girl will be 12 weeks on Sunday used to be a great sleeper at night but is now demanding the dummy for bedtime and wakes uf it falls out so is really hard to settle back down after her 4am feed n constantly wars dummy put in. I feel so bad for giving it to her in first place as she now totally relies on it for sleep. She has been really difficult to settle for sleep n especially naps during day hence dummy has helped i feel we finally got there with naps but again she wakes wanting dummy put in its driving me insane and she usnt get proper sleep as a result. Anyone have experience of this for a 12 week old? She gas her ummunisations next week and i think it be better to wait until after that to get rid as the dummy really comforted her last time. Any help much appreciated x


  • my daughter is 3 and with her she was 2 when i took it off her so we had a chat about how it was going away... but you cant do that with a 12 week old. i say cold turkey. in about 2days she will have forgot all about it

  • Oh i hope so !! Im just a bit scared to actually do it ! I think I'll wait until after her jabs and until my husband is on xmas hols n just go for it!! Thanku x
  • Our son was the same but we stuck with it, despite having to get up 4-8 times a night to put the dummy back in. We contemplated taking it away completely when he was 4 months old but I just couldn't bring myself to take something away that he was so reliant upon and upset him, and like you wished I had never given it to him in the first place.

    We started putting 5 dummies in his cot after that and he would just find one and pop it back in himself after a while. We eventually go rid of the dummy altogether at 18 months old when we could reason with him a little more.


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