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Baby's throat makes strange noises

Hi everyone. First time here and looking desperately for a bit of advice. My baby is 26 weeks old. And I a really worried about him. Been to doctors so many times but they don't seem bothered and just keep fobbing me off image. I am so worried because my baby seem to be always congested. He sounds like he has a lot of phelgms. It seems like he has something stuck in his throat all the time. His throat makes really loud noises espicially when he is sleeping...similar to what it sounds when baby has croup. Somethimes he will make a whistling sound through his nose. And sounds wheezy at times. He Often keeps his mouth open so that he can breathe. But it gets really dry and he will start crying in his sleep. His been suffering from this for nearly two months. But doctors don't think it's anything serious. But to me it is doesn't seem right. He shouldnt sound like this all the time. His voice is very croaky and raspy. First the doctor thought it was a virus...gave him antibiotics. It didn't clear up. Then the doctor gave him inhaler as he thought it could be asthma but that didn't help either. Then the next time I went the doctor didn't seem to want to know anymore image and just said it would clear up in its own time. Its been two months now...and it hasn't. My baby does suffer from acid reflux...and he is on medication for that. But this has got a lot better now. He had an allergic reaction to milk when he was about 2 months. We changed his milk since then. So it makes me wonder If all this is due to allergy? Also he will only drink his milk when he is sleeping....this has been going on for about 2 months. Told the doctor/health visitor about this...they just said to continue to feed him this if he likes it. I just don't know what to do. I would like to know if anyone else had similar problem like this. And what did you do? Is there anything that I can do? I am worried that there maybe a problem with his larynx....and if it goes untreated it would get worse. But doctors don't take me seriously image. Any advice/suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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