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My LO is 8 months and 16lb should i be worried?

Hello my LO is 8 months and only 16lb she eats ok never been overly keen in lots of milk but i put mascapone in her food to try to fatten her up a bit but nothing seems to be working. She was 8lb 2oz when born so not a small baby at birth. Should i be worried theres a under lying problem? Growth issues maybe? Help? xxxx


  • What does your Health Visitor advise?  Has her weight always been slow to gain or has it been this way since weaning?  Normally dairy products can best help boost their weight so if not keen on milk try offering yogurts, fromage frais or cheese.

  • The HV said she does need to gain wieght and to pit cheese with her foods but she hasnt seemed keen. Her wieght gain was fine and "average" until she has a cold then brochitus but that cleared up about a 2 months ago and she eating more solids and not gaining alot or anoth wieght. She poos 3-4 times a day as well if that means anything not like upset tummy poos though. Sorry about tmi xx
  • Pooing 3-4 times a day seems a lot.  I know they can poo more when fighting infections (it is one way for their body to shift it) but to be that regular without an infection I would start looking at what she is eating to cause her to be so regular (too much fruit/fibre) and could some of it be replaced with a yogurt/fromage frais/rice pudding to help on the lack of dairy (if not so keen on cheese).

    Bizarre as it sounds a lot of getting them to eat is mixing up their foods.  If you know they love fruit puree you place a little savoury on the spoon first and then put fruit puree on the front so they taste that first.  It sounds disgusting but gets most children to eat more of what you want them to.

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