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baby grunting and straining constantly?!

My baby girl is 15 days old and until 3 days ago she has been a perfectly happy baby.

But 3 days ago she started spending her whole waking time and some of her sleeping time grunting and straining, she goes red in the face and sometimes she starts to cry like she is in pain. She acts like she is pooping obviously she isn't pooping the whole time but is very gassy. When she does poop, you know because you can litteraly hear it now, it is a little runnier than before but otherwise the same yellowey colour. She is feeding fine, she is on aptamil 1st milk. The only thing that has changed is that she started being treated for oral thrush with nystatin. It has nearly gone now, but obviously she still has to take the medicane, don't know if this is the cause?

It just breaks my heart to see her like this when I don't know why and don't know what I can do to help.

Any advice??? xxx

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