Windy baby

Hi can anyone give me some advice please. I have a 14 week old boy who is really windy sometimes he cries out in pain as he blows least once a day he screams (high pitched) while trying to take his bottle going bright red. His bottle fed on aptamil n I've tried gripe water and infacol as I thought it could be trapped wind but they both just give him diarreah


  • Hi Tracy, it could be either the bottle or the formula causing the problem.  Firstly try adjusting the bottle (is it at the right angle to reduce air intake, is the teat allowing enough milk flow to reduce sucking in air) you could even try an anti-colic brand.  If altering the bottle doesn't work try an alternative formula.  Best wishes

  • My little one is nearly 6 wks old and has been very windy too. We switched to Dr Browns bottles and have started using Colief in her milk too and she seems so much better. Worth a try.

  • My hv said to try colief so ill give it a go hopefully he'll start improving soon. His on tommee tippee anti colic so I dont think its the bottles.

    Thanx for your advice everything's worth a try x
  • I had the same with my lo, every time I broke off feeding to wind her, I rubbed her belly gently & it seemed to work.
  • I found that big bottles only half full, CAUSED wind. Have you tried smaller bottles? Colief is GOOD too image x x

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