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Hi guys, I had my baby at 32 weeks she is now 11 weeks old an is still only 5lbs 10. She has reflux,colic and constipation...the have prescribed me gaviscon but due to manufacture problems I can only get a limited supply.i have asked for something else to relieve her pain and was told I can't have anything as she is too little.....I can't leave her screaming in agony. I looked and saw calpol is from 2 months of age, however is she still to small for this also? Se hasn't had her jabs yet I'm dreading that too if she cant have calpol to ease her pain bless her. Has any one got any tips to relieve her aim from the reflux as well as her constipation....I'm at a loose end, please help xxxxxxxx


  • Hi, i had my daughter at 34 weeks, 

    she too had contipation, i combination feed, due to the unplanned c-section it took me too long to catch up, and i just cant get there, it says on her formula to give 5 scoops for her age group, per 150 mils, i make it as told, but then add another 150 of water, so she is taking in the extra fluid to help her pass stools, and it helps alot. 

    i also add 5 mils of 'gripe water' to her bottles, this works wonders, and is ok to use from one months, and is £3 a bottle, or less depending where you shop)

    Calpol is ok to use after a certain weight, ( i think its 4kg, 8lb ) aslong as she is over the weight limit you should be fine. My princess had her injections yesterday, and the calpol worked wonders, she wasn't a happy bunny at all image 


    Hope this helps ! xxx

  • You really shouldn't be adding extra water to your little ones formula, especially 150 mils (which is 5 ounces) this is seriously dangerous and can lead to water intoxication and death.

    If you give water for constipation (which I did on dr and HV advise) give no more than 2 ounces of boiled water inbetween feeds and only 2-3 times in 24 hours.  My lb will only drink it warm so if your little one wont take it cold try it warm.

    You should never water down a feed or replace a feed with water.

    Gripe water is fab def give that a try.

    You may not need to give calpol for jabs.  The advise is only give it after if they develop a temp, giving it unecessarily can actually prevent the jabs working effectively.


  • I was actually advised by the Neonatal nurses, to water down her feeds, if the advice is 100ml of water, to give her 200, my daughter was visited weekly by the NICU outreach team, untill 2 weeks ago, when they where so pleased with her, she was discharged from NICU's team, and is now what they are calling a 'normal baby' caught up with her due date etc. 

    If advised to do so, by her specialist premature baby doctors, then that's what i will be doing, i don't do it instead of feeds, or inbetween, her weight gain is exacly where it should be acording to the weight chart in the back of the red book etc. 

    Finally I am more than aware of when, and why calpol may be needed, and am capable of using it properly, as with most other mothers i read the instructions before hand, as well as the leaflet i was given at the doctors. 

    I can't help but feel your critisizing all i do with my LO, and what i posted above, i thought this was a page for supporting other mums, not knocking them down, At the end of the day, my daughter see's specialist doctors, and i'm following there advice, she's healthy, end of. 


    Hayleigh, check with your own doctor hun image good luck x 


  • MissMadd I wasn't criticising you at all.  You didn't say in your original post that you were advised to give that amount of water by your neonatal nurses and if that's what they have advised you to do then fair enough but generally babies do not need that much extra water (5oz of water per feed is a lot in one day) and giving it (without advise) is incredibly dangerous so I was simply pointing this out to the OP who might read your post and think that she should be be doing the same - which she certainly shouldn't unless advised to do so as it is dangerous.

    I also wasn't suggesting that you did give water instead of feeds I was telling the OP when and how I had been told to give water for constipiation.

    As for my comment about Calpol the OP specifically asked about Calpol so I was responding to her question about that and telling her what I was told and not commenting on your use of Calpol at all!

    Don't be so sensitive - it wasn't about you at all I was responding to the questions asked by the OP and highlihgting the dangers of giving too much water!


  • Thank you for your help the gripe way has helped lots! She has her jabs next Tuesday but is still to small for calpol, I know we may not have to use it but would like the option of something if she is in pain. Her reflux is also quite bad and she gets a sore belly bless her, shame you can only use the calpol over 8lbs maybe she can curve a medicated dose of something to cater for her size. I feel so helpless sometimes with her I want to wrap her in cotton wool as she is lucky to be here and don't want to seem an overbearing mum but I worry so much when she screams all night, nothing I do seems to settle her xxxx
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