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i was looking for some advice 
my son is just over 4 months old and hes been showing signs of teething since 10 weeks old, for about 5 days now he has been waking up more at night time, dribbling exessivly, has rosy red cheeks and spots, biting on everything, being reaally grumpy and not his self, struggles having a bottle as he just wants to chew on it, and has a nasty cough and cold, and having bursts of screaming fits every day which only goes when i put teething gel on him or a teething ring, i have felt his gums and it feels like there is a tiny lump where his 'nasher' tooth would be, this part of his gum is also more white, could this be a sign that his first tooth is coming? how long would a baby show these symptoms before a tooth shows, the past 5 days have been ALOT worse than when he first started teething, advice please x


  • Hi Michellee,

    Yes it does sound like LO has that first tooth there ready to cut - how long sadly comes down to the individual child.  Some children will cut their teeth quickly once symptoms start whilst others will show symptoms months before the tooth cuts through.

    My eldest cut her first tooth around 6mths old & the rest followed one by one & she had her full set shortly after turning 2.

    My youngest cut her first tooth around 9wks but then went to 9mths before cutting her next 3 all at once, she's now 18mths old & has 12 of her 20 milk teeth.

    Along with the teething gel & teething rings you can try calpol (to help with raised temps, cold/flu symptoms that come with teething) & there are also amber teething bands (worn around neck, wrist or ankle they release natural remedy to soothe baby & many mums swear by them).  Best wishes.

  • I've been using hazelwood necklace for my lil girl during her first 2 years because she cried a lot for her teething process. She's still wearing it because it's cute. It's a natural alternative and it works so well. People said that the hazel wood absorbs the acidity from the body when it's in contact with your skin. Maybe you can try it for your baby too. Here is the store where i got mine: You will find more information than I'm able to give you.

  • my dd started showing signs at 4 months but didn't start cutting till 7 months. I found the teethers u put in the fridge quite helpful and also Ashton and parsons powders to settle her at night x

  • I have also used the hazel wood necklace for my children and it works great! I am not huge into being natural everything and what not, but I think it's pretty cool that something natural works so well! Best of luck!



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