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Hello there

My baby is 14 weeks old and is sick loads after feeding, sometimes up to an hour or two she will still have some sick coming up.

She is formula fed on aptamil comfort milk, she caughs at times as well when being sick.  She must be keeping some milk down as she is on 8 oz bottles and gaining weight well.

Im just worried about the sick constantly, she lives with a Mus under her chin as well as a bib and can go through loads each day.

Could this be Reflux and will Gaviscon help?

Many thanks


  • I really don't know what to say since I have not encountered this problem, but for this case, I would make sure to get professional advice. I know it isn't very motivating to go into the doctor's office and be told immediately that they need some kind of medication, but I think that it would be the right thing to do. Best of luck!



  • Oh I could have such a rant on this topic!!! My LO has had reflux pretty much since birth. He was prescribed Gaviscon but it made him really constipated so as the constant sick didn't really seem to bother him I just stopped it. He is on Aptamil first and has been since about 4 days old. HV suggested change of milk but I was really worried about doing this because since the whole constipation thing we then had no end of issues with his poo! Anyway, he is now 4 months and I was pretty fed up of the amount of washing generated by his constant sick so I mentioned it again to a different HV. She said I should go back to the doctor because just leaving him could be burning his eosophagus, so I took him at the beginning of the week. I could not believe it when the doc told me babies are only ever sick because they are overfed and that I should feed him less. When I explained that HV had said he was having just the right amount of milk he told me to ignore her and feed him less! As if I'm going to starve my poor boy! He then told me I need to use Gaviscon again but just a couple of time a day. I started Gaviscon again yesterday, just one sachet in a bottle twice a day. It has helped the reflux a lot but I have yet to see a dirty nappy from LO so hoping he isn't constipated again. I'm giving him cool boiled water twice a day to try and prevent this happening. I would definitely see the doc and try Gaviscon but perhaps give your LO a bit of cool boiled water too to avoid constipation. I hope you find something that works, I know what you are gping through. Sick is my new eau du toilette! Grrrr!

  • my daughter is 8 months old, I started led weaning after 6 months and her reflux is worse ,she always vomit after feed.

  • Hi  my lg has had silent reflux since she was born (she's now 16weeks) it was hard to keep much down her, i have since tryed gaviscon infant powder which is really good. You can ask the doctor for a prescription for it, thats what i had to do as i was rushed to hospital with her as she projectile vomited all over her grandma and the sofa. And they didnt help me much. So i went to doctors and asked for a prescription for baby gaviscon and since she's been on it she has kept 99% of her milk down she is on formula (aptimil). 

    Hope this helps 

  • My lo has 2satches of gaviscon in each 7oz bottle and is hardly ever sick. She was a hungry baby to start with due to the reflux, but since finding out that she has silent reflux from doc and being given the gaviscon after i found out online from other mums my lo is happier in herself and no constipation issues.  

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