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my baby has a rash, and its purple, and its not going away with the glass test

my almost 4 month old baby has been ill for over a week! sickness at first, then poops, and the poops have stayed, hes been quite fussy but i put it down to teething, he had the classic symptoms of teething and teething gel has calmed him down. we had been to the docs and she took a sample of his poop to be tested so we are still waiting for the results... but this morning when i got him ready i noticed little purple dots on his legs, around the knee areas. they are small, like the size of a full stop. it looks like someone has dotted him with a pen, i tried wiping them but they stayed.. so its not pen so i then tried the glass test.... they also didnt fade! he doesnt seam to fussy this morning like he has been, hes seamed quite happy in himself, he doesnt have a temp, his softspot is not buldging... so im quite happy to think its fine its not something serious,, of course im not going to take my own word for it we are seeing a doctor in less than an hour! im crapping my self to be honest! what could it be??? any1 heard of a purple dotty rash that doesnt fade under a glass and it not be meningitis?


  • Heat rash maybe? Have you used anything different food or milk wise or bath products or laundry products? X

  • my doc sent us straight to hospital after seeing the rash and my baby had bloods taken, everything seams to be fine but the purple spots are still there. he seams fine in himself but not having a diagnosis makes me scared. and i havent changed anything x

  • Hi ,

    I ve just joined and while looking for help with the my baby will not sleep in his cot,I just noticed your post.

    My baby came out in a purple pin prick rash all over his body and after no luck at the doctors, I discovered it was down to taking a multi vitamin and a caprylic acid tablet, so obvious but I d not put 2 and 2 together .as soon as I realised 5 days later I stopped taking them and the rash went within hours.

    Any rash or spots are usually the immune system dealing with something that's passed through its system . Goes to show what rubbish vitamins contain does nt it if they pass through breast milk .

    Good luck hon x
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