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help please... im going to go insane if this carrys on much longer!!!

ok so let me explain this issue... and tell me if the inlaws are crazy or if its all me...??


had my baby 5months ago, me and my boyfriend were delighted. i have children from a previous relationship... girl and boy... and we had a boy, wasnt bothered what we had but his family who only have granddaughters really wanted us to have a boy. and thats what we had, the day i got home from hospital they wanted to take him out, when i say they i mean his mother and sister. i was like noooooooo!!!! they fell out with us over it because i would not let them take him, this was when he was 3days old. so my partner blagged my head until i took the baby down to his mothers house to see all his family... who could have easily came to our house!! most people arnt even out of their dressing gown after 3days!! ever since its been the same, can we take him out, or when i go down... can i take him out in the car?? or why dont you leave him here... they want him on their own without me constantly. last night my partner got a text... from his sister saying ask if i can have him for the day tomorrow. my partner asked me and i said no... i said i dont leave him with anyone or let anyone take him. my family have never took him out either so i dont see why its such a big deal... they are always welcome to my hosue to see and hold him. but they wont come. make up excuses. so after i said no i got my partners phone a while later and seen some text messages off her... it went like this

ask if i can take him tomorrow for the day xx

she said no

are well dont say i dont try xx

i would have let you but she said no

well why dont you pack your bags and i will come pick you up so you can come live back at mams and then you can have him all weekend and i will lend him off you all weekend haha xx



he never replied to that, so i told him id seen it and he said he wanted to be here with me. i said so your sister who is acting like shes 14 but is actually 32!! wants my family to break apart, confuse my kids, destroy my babys life. so she can spend time with MY baby!! and shes got two kids of her own who live at her mothers house!!


i feel like im really going to crack up if this goes on much longer. iv told them no, stop saking to take him. when i need or want a babysitter you will be first to know. but it not good enough. now they want my partner to break up with me so the baby can be at theirs all weekend!!!! is it wrong of me not to let them take my baby away from me? or are they all crazy! i do bottle feed so it would be possible for me to hand him over. but i dont want to yet


  • He's your baby chick if they wanna c him they should respect that ur not ready to let him go yet and come to u to c him. As for those texts, how pathetic and childish does she sound. Maybe he needs to tell them as they wont listen to you. Sounds like they have no respect for u whatsoever! X

  • I feel like your man should man up and stick up for you! Its your baby hun and if you don't feel happy leaving him don't! Omg I can't believe those txts is she mad!
  • OMG. Tell her to move!!!! "Lend" him, you know, what a joke. He's your baby, if you aren't ready to be apart from him then you have every right to say no. It's way too early, he needs to be with his mother.

  • They are CRAZY!!!!! And seem a bit overbearing and controlling. You need to lay down the law. It's YOUR child so your way or no way. Eventually when they see that they can't just get thier way with you they will leave it alone, And odds are as the baby gets older they will lose intrest, Most people just like babys, toddlers are more work and not as sweet.

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