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Neocate help

I've just found out Henry (7 months) is allergic to cows milk, so has been prescribed neocate. He hates it. And wondered if anyone has used it, tried it or maybe mixing it with existing formula to start with?


  • no tried it but my dd was on nutramagine and seemed to like it 


  • Hi, I'm really sorry to hear that your Lil one has a cows milk allergy. My dd has a severe cows milk allergy so appreciate how hard it is to adjust. My dd was on Neocate from 2 weeks old and refused to feed (if it tastes as bad as it smells I can see why). Just keep offering it and make sure it's warm even at 1yr she would only drink it if it was warm/hot. If your Lil one has an allergy I would not give him anything cows milk based I don't no how serve his allergy is but with an allergy you could risk anaphylactic shock by exposing them to the allergen so don't mix standard formula with it. If after a few days he is still refusing I would speak to the allergy clinic and they may try him on a different formula eg nutramigen (my dd always refused this). You could also try making it flavoured to start by using fruit or porridge etc. Just becareful as alot of cereals contain milk. Hope this helps. He will adjust it just takes time it's a big change for a lil person x

  • Thank you both. I'm still waiting for his allergy test as I think he's allergic to other foods too, as these bring up his excema x
  • I hope it comes through soon! It's horrible being stuck in limbo. Keep a food and symptom diary it will help you narrow things down. My dd only has a cma however a lot of foods contain cows milk or traces of milk so check the back of packets etc I bought ready grated carrots once and they had traces of milk so your be suprised what you find along the way. Please contact me if you have any further questions and I'll try and help. image also I found double base cream was less harsh on her skin and oilatum in the bath works wonders image x
  • Thank you. I think I'm going to be a mad woman checking all the labels!
  • It does get easier it's 2nd nature now everytime I go shopping I just read the back of everything even if I've bought it before as companies have a bad habit of changing things overnight (learnt that one the hard one) usually lil ones grow out of CMA by 1-2 yrs old so fingers crossed this will just be a temporary adjustment for you. Hope your lil one is adjusting to neocate x
  • i know of a family whose child was intolerant of cows milk... would vomit etc if had it... They switched her to goats milk & she was fine (& didn't seem to dislike it)... Worth a try?

  • Hi Deb hope things are settling down and lil one is taking to the neocate.

    I've been looking through some stuff and thought this link may be helpful.

    It is great for knowing what to look for on ingredient lists etc.

    Also we were given this recipe book I found the link for the online version but we got a hard copy from dietician.

    Hope these help. I remember not knowing where to even look at the start especially with things like weaning. Xx
  • Thank you so much. Finally got the appt 11th feb! Can't wait x x
  • That's great news image hope it goes ok. Have a read up on things and ask lots of questions. If I can be of any help in the meantime just ask. Same if you have any questions about the actually allergy testing side of things just let me know xx
  • That's great thank you. It's nice to know that x
  • Just an update. Tuesday was not an allergy test. I'm so angry and upset as I was told it was. Henry has been booked in for a blood test ???? on Friday, and then got to wait for the allergy test!

    In the mean time I'm going back to basics, carrots, parsnips etc etc. And starting all over again. To see if I can figure out what allergies he has while I wait for the appt, I just hope that this has not put him off ????
  • Hey Deb, that's awful you must be so frustrated. Really sorry image. Hope the blood test goes ok. I remember when my dd was under 1 it was such hard work they wouldn't do a full screen on her until she was over 1 so be prepared for a battle. I think going back to basics is prob best just keep a diary of everything he eats and any reaction. Hope he's taking the neocate better. Just remember mixing any food with a dairy based product butter, milk normal formula is

    Likely to produce a reaction so serve foods on there own and don't mix new foods with ones he's ok with this will also help with ruling allergies out. Please ask if you need any advise and I'll do my best to help. I'm expecting dd2 in June and I'm actually scared of the thought of no dietary restrictions (stupid I no). Xx
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