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What's your routine?

Hey everyone ???? I'm currently 36 + 4 days pregnant and I've been thinking aboit how things will be when our little princess comes Along. I'm 27 years old and most of my friends already have childten and have stressed the importance of establishing a routine with a newborn, so I curious as to what it is everyone actually does and how you manage your time for things such as showering getting ready etc. Id really appreciate any advice ????xoxox 


  • Hiya , not really sure we got into a routine with any of ours for the first few weeks , but the last 2 have had to fit in around whatever we're doing , the only thing we did do from day 1 was to have a bedtime routine of quiet time , bath ,feed n bed , whether downstairs with us for 1st few weeks in moses basket , or in bedroom - you don't want them far away when they're so new n mine were never easily disturbed very easily as long as it was quiet(ish) n the lights were low etc , not so easy when  they're summer babies with other kids coming n going in the eve when on holidays but with the 1st you should be ok , as for the mornings I was rarely dressed before 11 if I didn't have to get the others to school ... good luck hun x x 

  • I was the same as evemum x
  • You'll find with almost every aspect of parenting that peoples experiences and opinions vary wildly. Personally we were very much baby led so had no set routine for quite some time. I breast fed on demand, she slept when she wanted to. As she has eczema we were recommended to only do baths twice a week but we did put cream on her, get her changed, read her a story & then brought her back downstairs. The SIDs guidelines recommend that your baby sleeps in the same room as you for all naps/sleeps until they're 6 months so we'd bring her downstairs & put her down in her moses basket when she was sleepy which could be anything from 9pm - 1am then we took her upstairs to our room. Once in her own room at nearly 7 months we started a bedtime of around 9ish then brought it slowly forward as it suited her & us. Absolutely no need to rush into a routine, enjoy relaxing time without the stress (not sure I'll be able to be as baby led with my 2nd though!)

  • Thanks for that Hun, so I take it you found Being baby led was too demanding, I'm planning in breast feeding but that was somethig. I was worried about to be honest x

  • It wasn't demanding at all! I just went with her cues & she slept & fed whenever she needed to. No need to worry about being home at a certain time to put them down for a nap or for a feed. Breast feeding can be tiring but I used to try & nap when she did during the day when I could & she found a rough kind of routine that worked for a bit until growth spurts came along. Just don't put any pressure on yourself to have your baby sleep through or feed at certain times. Being baby led meant we could do what we wanted to when we wanted.

  • I'm with blackkat Lexie is 12 weeks and no routine whatsoever. She eats sleeps n feeds  when she wants, was sleeping thru till about 4/5 but started waking for a night feed at 12 2 weeks ago and last night woke for 3 feeds and a crap at 5am! You can't predict how baby's gona be from day to day the only thing I know for sure is I have to make her fit around school runs, shopping, hospital/docs appointments etc. My life's still a complete mess LOL but we manage x

  • Lol oh dear it's just so strange to me how my for ends are like oo. Get into a routine from day one etc, so I was skeptical to be honest. Thanks for your advice guys xxx

  • There are things u can do to help, like a bedtime routine of bath massage bottle etc, and keeping the evenings quiet and lights low, doing all night feeds in the bedroom, making daytime bright and noisy, very little eye contact and talking at night feeds and nappy changes but lots of interaction at day feeds and changes. Just to help them get the idea of day and night. But ultimately if baby don't wana play ball they won't lol x

  • There's nothing wrong with trying to do a routine if that's what works for you. It's just too strict for me with a young baby. Ultimately do what works best for you as a family but be prepared that your baby might not have the same routine as you if that's what you plan!!

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