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Started to wake again during the night... why?!

What happens? You think you have a grasp on the routine and know what to expect when suddenly you get thrown off course yet again! My little one is nearly 4 months old. We weaned her onto the bottle at 3 months and it was tough but she is taking it fantastically now and is far more relaxed and happy!

She started to do 10/12 hour nights when she took the bottle properly in the first couple of weeks.. she could only manage a maximum of 6-8 when I was breastfeeding and that was rare! Thing is, this week she has decided to wake up at 2am, and then a possible 5am before her morning wake up at 9am. (she has her last feed by 9pm every night) She takes 5/6 oz every feed, 5 per day, and when she wakes in the night, another one then. Am I not feeding her enough in the day? Does she need more stimulation, more activities in the day to tire herself out for a long sleep? My boyfriend has been working nights this week and she usually sees Daddy in the evening, so I am thinking that it may be because of not seeing Daddy before bed? She has taken longer to put down too. So it makes sense, but I am not sure that it could make a real difference? Any advice? image

Siobhan xx


  • There's a big growth spurt around 4 months so the chances are that it's to do with that. Sometimes we just don't know. You could trying offering more milk during the day & see if that helps. It's all trial & error. Good luck & hope she settles soon

  • My lo is 3 months today and just started waking again so I feel ur pain! X

  • It is unrealistic to think that a 4 month old is not supposed to wake up during the night. Crying it out is not a healthy thing to do. You should at this point concentrate on having a bedtime routine, making sure she is not overtired (that he gets naps during the day), and helping her learn to put herself to sleep. When she wakes up, comfort her by rocking or holding her (make sure you are as boring as possible, do not turn on the light, don't feed her, don't talk to her), and then put her back in his crib. If she wakes up again, repeat the process. It may take many times of doing this before she falls asleep for the first couple days, but she will eventually fall back to sleep on her own with little or no comforting from you. There will always be reasons your baby will wake up during the night, from teething to separation anxiety. Just deal with each occurrence as it happens.

  • He might be waking up for comfort if he's only having such a small amount of milk when he wakes up. Try giving him a bigger feed before bedtime to see if that will make him sleep better. In time he will learn to self sooth and be able to fall back to sleep by himself if he wakes up during the night

  • Agree with pp my 20 week old wakes several times, coos and rustles around a little then goes back off, she sleeps in her own room around 12 he's a night x

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