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pectus excavatum and low muscle tone

Hi my lo has just had a confirmed diagnosis of pectus excavatum and low muscle tone and was wondering if there are other mums out there with babies with the same condition?

My lo is 5 months old and starts physiotherapy next week, and is shortly due to have an MRI scan. I'm a bit nervous to say the least and don't really know what to expect? Can anyone offer advice?


Thanks x


  • My daughter has pectorum excavatum, but no loss of muscle tone. She is 4 it just shows as a slight dip in her chest. The dr told us what it was when I asked if her chest was a funny shape but that's it, they haven't done anything about it. She has asthma but that's unrelated and I have asthma too. How bad is your los chest? I'll post a picture for you tomorrow of my daughters she's asleep now x
  • Its a noticeable dip but doesn't seem to cause him any bother. Never heard of it before. Is she under observation with a hospital? They keep saying that they just need to keep an eye on it. I think because he has low muscle tone as well, they want to ruile out any syndromes and chromosomes issues. Scaring the life out of me at the !moment image

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