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bleeding birth or pill??

tmi alert sorry

seren is now nearly 4 weeks old and im still bleeding,i cant remember how long i bled with the others but im sure it had stopped by now. now im trying to decide if its a problem or not now i started back on the pill last tuesday is that the cause? as my bleeding taylored off and has now come back. or is it still from birth?? my placenta did start to come away during labour is that it?? im not overly worried more curious and keen for it to stop!! lol


  • Hi hun , I bled for 5-6 weeks with all of mine , n was worse when I overdid it , how are you getting on , hope all is going well n you're enjoying being a new mum again , can't believe she's 4 weeks already x x 

  • hey evemum.

    i think im only questioning it because it almost stopped and has come back full force!!

    im loving doing the baby thing again shes a easy baby although we are currently battling with a bit of wind she doesnt like to share it!!

    hope you are well xx

  • I think last time I bled for about 5 weeks - seem to remember I hadn't long stopped when I went for my 6 week check. If you are worried then there is no harm in checking with the Dr, but I don't think I'd be bothered yet myself.

  • im going to leave it until my check and if im still bleeding then il say. how you getting on mrs p??

  • I'm fed up lol! I have had internals for 3 weeks running now as the consultant wanted to get things moving early because baby is measuring quite large and I had a difficult time last time... due on Monday so fingers crossed it's soon! Thanks for asking image

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