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How do i stop my baby from doing this?


My daughter is 8 weeks on Sunday she was a month premature. Since she was born she has been in the routine of bottle and then put down for a sleep, this has been going well an i know as she gets older she is more alert an will spend more time awake. But lately she has been having bottles but refusing all day to be put down and cries. I have tried ignoring her when i know she has been fed, been winded and doesn't need changing and she is tired as she starts to fall asleep on me. She will go in her moses basket or her chair an start to fall asleep but will wake herself up after 5-10 minutes and then cries an cries until she is picked up. I have tried re-positioning her but nothing is working and i even try a soother. I am going out of my mind as i can't seem to get anything done at all. She doesn sleep from 10pm til around 3-5am has a bottle an then has an hour but then thats it til around 10pm again. 

Please help! very exhausted mum! xx


  • Bless u hun my lo was exactly the same she's 17 weeks now and naps beautifully in the day n sleeps thru at night but she does always need to fall asleep on me still. Do u put her in another room to nap? That's what I started doing putting her upstairs and then eventually on to her cot where all her night lights and mobiles etc are. I think it comes with age chick hopefully a few more weeks n she'll b more settled xx

  • Also a walk in the pram always gets her off n she usually stays asleep once we get home if I leave her in the kitchen away from my 4yo! X

  • Ive tried leaving the room but nothing and ive tried the pram as soon as i stop pushing her thats it lol. I guess ill just ave to bare with it an hope she stops it lol thanks for the advice image xx

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