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Hi ladies, First pregnancy and first scan is on Wednesday. Just wondering, when did u all start buying things for ur baby? When is too soon/too late? Xx


  • I may already have a few little things hidden in my cupboard........but don't tell anyone x x x 

  • Hi

    I bet your looking forward to the scan image i couldnt wait for mine although i was also a bit scared.

    I didnt buy anything until after the 12 week scan and even then it was just a couple sleepsuit sets from mothercare.

    I ordered the pram when i was 15 or 16 weeks as there was a very good deal i couldnt miss out on and then when i was getting closer to the 20 week scan i got a few more and then after that i got everything else image her bedroom things like the cot bed etc i didnt get until i was around 32 weeks image

    Theres no guide when to buy this and when to buy that. You personal buy your things when you feel like it image its exciting time as well choosing image x
  • With our first I bought bits quite early as there were some good sales on that I couldn't resist!! So far for this bump I have bought some newborn pampers as they were on offer on amazon and nothing else yet. We don't need much as kept it all , just a new cot and Moses basket, new monitor and steriliser and I would like a new changing bag image xx 

  • I thought it was good spreading the bits over the months so would recommend doing that! Xx 

  • Yeah I think that's what I'll do!

    Aw Haleigh in terrifie about the scan, I've worried about it since I found out! Lol

    I think when I know everything's ok I'll start buying little bits. I don't want to get too much right away because we'll find out what it is. I think it will get me excited though and worry less when I do start image just so exciting xx
  • I loved baby shopping for my little girl image especially when we found out the sex!

    It seems more real when you have your scan image as you cant feel movements before the first scan and then when you see that little baby its like wow thats inside me image xx
  • i started after my 20 week scan, in the last week iv gone baby crazy with ordering items x

  • Aw it all sounds so good! Do u have any good websites? Xx
  • If you sign up to there baby club they post you loads of vouchers too image 

  • I have a few bits as I'm 19 weeks 1 day ( and counting ) image

    I'm going to get more clothes and things after my 20 week scan.

    Soo tempting to buy things for the little one lol x
  • Yeag deffo go kiddiecare or if you havent got one near you go online. I brought a few things from there. One was a jungle rocker fisher price brand and it was ??30. In mothercare the exact same one is ??79.99!! Huge rip off.

    Also mamas and papas on the cot bed sets have fantastic deals. I brought a set for ??500 came with the cot bed that obviously turns into a bed after, wardrobes and a chest of draws. Saved ??400 i think it was.

    And then clothe websites i go on H&M, Next, Tesco, Matalan, any really that sell baby clothes image xx
  • Oh yeah kiddicare keep emailing me. I'll have to have a browse! R any of u (that u know of) having a baby shower? Xx
  • I never did but i think its a great idea for getting some of the baby things for free lol my boyfriends friend did one.

    She invited all her family and friends and got a lot of things from a moses basket to some more extra bibs image as your going to need loads if you have a sicky baby!

    Lol my little girl is 6 weeks next week and i cant believe how many bibs she goes through a day. Not mater how much i wind her she always likes to bring up some more herself. Nightmare when I've just dressed her and she beats me to it before i get a bib on lol xx
  • I've got everything already, as this is my second, but I'll definitely pick up some new clothes nearer the birth and I might make a few new nappies too. With my son I started buying quite late as I didn't want to have everything and leave myself months and months with no shopping to pass the time! We used John Lewis as they price match and they do a nursery list like a wedding list. So handy as we were short on space so had everything big delivered on a date we chose.

    No baby shower here - my friends know I'd rather eat my own head!
  • We wrongly decided that we were only having 1 after a tramatic birth so sold a lot of stuff.  clearly we changed our minds 3 years later so dont even have a moses basket!  Will leave it all quite late to see what the christmas sales bring, it will mainly be buying stuff for our daughter as she will need more grown up stuff whilst her cotbed and baby wardrobe will move to new baby's room.  probably wont start thinking about stuff properly until 20 weeks when we will hopefully have found out the sex, that way will have a better idea of what we need to get 

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