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Please help

2 lines on pregnancy test but faint lines on both what should I do?


  • Hi Laura, 2 lines is a positive hun, maybe do another one first thing in the morning to be sure x x x

  • Ok thank you Hun very surprised and shocked at the moment x
  • They say that you never get a false positive result!!! But if the line was very faint don't be surprised if a different test comes up negative, they can be a bit you know when your period was due?

  • It was suppose to be last week I started feeling very sick and dizzy and noticed that I haven't came on, so brought tests and they are not really faint you can see them just not as dark as the other but both tests have came up the same x
  • Then I think that congratulations are definitely in order!  I'm guessing that you weren't trying! X x

  • Thank you lol and not really I'm in shock xx
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