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Im not quite sure but my little girl is just over 8 weeks. Shes starting to rub her eyes loads, shes forever having her hand in mouth and drooling and ive had a look in her mouth and theres some white bits on some parts of her gums that look like teeth. Surly though with how young she is it cant be that already? X


  • I've known babies born with teeth but I had the same with lex and she's 23 weeks on thurs, still white bumpy gums and still no teeth. Think sienna is probably just becoming more aware of her hands and mouth and her saliva glands are developing.....that's not to say she wont cut a tooth cuz it can happen at any time! My first suffered for months before anything cut thru at 7 months. Lexie is so hot and bothered and red cheeked at the mo but were still waiting xx

  • Awww bless her!

    Ive just googled about siennas eyes as the eyelids are red and it mentions blepharitis. Says its caused by flakey scalp and face which she has at the moment so going to take her to the doctors as it says they rub their eyes because their stinging/burning and the doctor will provide them something

    Have You heard about blepharitis before? Xx
  • I haven't hun let us know how she gets on, poor thing x

  • Hey

    Doctor had a look and said he could see they was sore. Although they didnt look as sore as they did the day before i went. Hes given me some cream to put on her eye lids but only when they look really bad. Didnt seem much helpful as shes still forever rubbing them. Thought he might have given some drops. Might get a second opinion if shes still doing it this week x
  • Poor thing doesn't help with this heat either does it X

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