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Help please

Question i should no already but how do i take babies temp? Only the doctors/HV have taken it and ive heard babies, especially newborns/young babies can get ill in this heat so i should be checking it. Where do i take it? Under her neck/armpit or somewhere else? Also whats classed as a normal/ok temp and whats a high/should be going to the doctors/hospital temp? Thanks xx


  • Hi hun I take Lexie's under armpit, 36-37 degrees is ideal 39 is a fever 40 and you need to get to hospital x

  • Anally in babies is most accurate but i wouldn't have the heart so i use under arm also Xx
  • Ha ha no I don't think I could do that either lol x

  • Under the armpit too. They fight bad enough with that but at least you can pin them in a hug and it calms them a bit. I also have a strip thermometer that goes on their foreheads but again they fight so much it's hard to leave it there long enough!!

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