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Worried it will change things!

Since last week Sienna has been going down at 10pm and not waking up until 6am the following morning. Which has been amazing!! This morning she did an extra hour and woke up at 7am. She has her 12 week jabs next week and im worried they will mess up her sleeping pattern she has just got into. When she had her 8 weeks she slept all day and was awake near enough all night image What was your lo's like with their 12 week? X


  • I found both mine were fine with there 8 n 12 it was the 16 week ones that did them. You may have a few unsettled nights but it'll soon pass x

  • It's hard to say really as all babies are different. My eldest was miserable after all her jabs including her preschool jabs. She was unsettled for a day or so and then fell straight back into her normal routine. It's the same as when when they get poorly once they feel better they find there routine again. My 2nd has her 8 weeks jabs next week so it will be interesting to see how she reacts. I am however prepared for a few unsettled days & nights. You will find that there will always be times when routine goes out the window. My eldest is 5 and when she's poorly or something she can be up 4/5 times in a night. Xx
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