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Scared! Discharge

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and started getting brown watery discharge with a slight ache in the bottom of my back I've not got any belly pains or red blood but just so worried as I never had this with my first 2 I'm not sure if I'm feeling pain because I'm thinking it? Please say I'm not the only one I'm petrified for my scan on Monday now


  • I bled up to about 10-12 weeks with back pains and they never found any cause. She's 7 months old now! GL x

  • With my youngest I bled throughout my 1st trimester up to 15-16wks into term when the bleeding stopped & the strong kicks started. I had a low lying placenta at my 12wks scan along with cervical erosion but my placenta moved & was squarely in middle of my back by 20wks.

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