Has MrsW2012 posted yet?

Just wondering if i have missed a post where she has announced her birth? Hope everythings ok x


  • Not seen ote no x
  • As if! I just logged on thinking I *MUST* post and there's a thread about me!

    Presenting Charley Jack Thomas.... Born 11 August at 09.38 weighing 8lb 11oz image (18 days old in the photo below)


    Long old story (I did start typing an epic story for you to read but my pc had a brainfart and lost it all! image) but basically, I went into labour on my due date at about 10.30 despite being convinced I would go over and after 24 hours of labour on gas and air only, and a low level forceps delivery, our boy arrived safe and well image

    He's doing fantastically - at his last weight check at 16 days he was 9lb15! He's currently 24 days old and due another weight check tonight.

    Thank you so much for all your advice whilst I was pregnant girls... Now to turn my mind to being a Mum and all the minefield of questions I will have and barrage you with!

  • Congratulations, he is a cutie xx
  • I posted two as was wondering what had happened and if you was ok lol.

    Congratulations though! Hes gorgeous!! Hope your enjoying the sleepless nightsimage lol xx
  • He's lush well done chick x
  • Congratulations x

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