Help desperately needed please

Hi all our baby is 10 months old she is our 4th baby, but we are having huge problems at night time with her, she has supper at 8.30 normally big bowl of porridge or something simler, then she goes bed round 9 but she started waking at night time last night was 3.30-5.30 just very unsettled and crying, and wide awake, she normally ends up in with us as she shares a room with daughter who up for college, any advice please, we are exhausted, many thanks in advance. 


  • Any help I'd be greatful

  • When I had problems settling my child at night I tried the crying out method. It was sheer desperation that drove me to it and probably one of the hardest things to do but it really worked. They learn to settle themselves that way and then if they do wake up they can get he selves back to sleep without disturbing everyone else. It's not a good idea to bring them in to your bed because it will be a hard habit to break. If you decide to cry it out get your older daughter on board with it as it will take about a week to do and you need to keep things consistent. Good luck with whatever you decide.

  • I agree with Rach2186, we used to take our little girl into bed with us when she woke up and in order to break this we resorted to the controlled crying method, with 4 nights she self settled and we have never looked back, we even out her to bed awake now and she goes to sleep without the need to be rocked or held and if she wakes she settles herself back to sleep.

    good luck, it is hard, whatever you choose I hope you get the positive outcome you want

  • Unfortunately it's perfectly normal for babies to wake in the night. It could be due to teething, too hot, too cold, hungry, illness, separation anxiety or any number of other reasons. There are many sleep techniques that you could try but for us we just excepted that's what babies do & I would go in & feed/rock/sing her to sleep. Sounds like a tricky situation if she's in with a much older child. Do you have space for her cot in your room so that you can help her settle when she wakes?

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